Sunday, November 28, 2010

Review & Copy-cat of an outfit

So my steadfast and whimsy skirt came this week.  Oh Canada, why must shipping be so slow to me, I want my parcels faster (and cheaper hehe).  Has the tissue wrapping from Anthropology changed for anyone else?  I used to get a cream paper with red circles, and now it has grey lines and birds on it.  I like the change.

First off, the review.  The fabric is nice and silky feeling, but a matte finish.  The plaid is a nice blend of navy, cream, yellow, and green.  I can see it going well with quite a few colours.  The length is very long which is a nice change.  If I wear it higher up on my waist, the length is like in the catalog shot.  If I wear it lower, it dips down in the back, but does not drag on the ground.  I don't think that the tiers make me look any wider in the hips, so that is nice.  Not many cons for the skirt for me, but I can see this being overwhelming on smaller frame.

Here is the catalog shot

Here is my take (I wore a mustard scarf with it as well)
Steadfast and Whimsy skirt (anthro), Faryl-Robin Bounder boots, Green leather jacket (The Bay years ago)
Ahem, excuse the "looking towards the light" pose... it is dark now, so I was getting crazy red-eye going on.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All wrapped up

It is supposed to snow again tonight, but I hope that it stays really sparse.  I have many plans for the rest of the week, and too much snow not work for me.  Of course the weather will revolve around what I want, why wouldn't it?

I ran into an old friend yesterday at work, and it was so nice to see her!  She recently became engaged and has started her own business.  We talked about how marriage and children and PTA meetings are creeping up on us, and how it seems so soon, but it really is about that time for adult things.  It feels like we just graduated from high school, but that was almost 10 years ago, time is flying.  Tim and I have also started to look at more real estate down in Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue.  The prices in the states are so much lower then up here, I can't wait till we get our own place together!

Off to help paint some display windows today with Rachael's work, should be fun, though apparently we have to paint within the lines, where is the fun in that!  Silly rules...

 Gap heathered olive cardigan worn wrap style, Romeo & Juliet skinny black jeans (winners for $16!), target over the knee socks scrunched down, Hayden Harnett boots and corset belt.
Love this belt, but it is a smidgen too big on me, so I tend to wear it over bulky sweaters etc.  I wore this cardigan + belt over my compeer dress and love the outfit, but it is a bit too chilly out.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Christmas Lights!
Super duper awesome friend and roomie Brian put up the Christmas lights today!

Here is my tribute to the lights (I warn you, I am not a film maker, lots of artistic impression here, also there  is sound, so if you need to, turn down the volume)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A bit different...but not really?

Oh another day with pants on!  I am feeling lazy, tights are too much jeans it is.  I do not think boyfriend style jeans are the most flattering cut for my shape, but they are super comfy and feel like warm fuzzy pajamas, so that is good enough for me.  I wore them a lot during the summer with flat sandals and fitted shirts on top, so this is a bit of different take on them.

I also found a good indoor spot to take pictures I think, except for the picture behind me.  Adds some colour though for those days I wear all black?

AG boyfriend jeans ($9.99), navy long sleeved t-shirt, Well-Wisher jacket Anthropologie ($39.99), Sweater-cuffed booties Schuler & Sons

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It Snowed!

Well snow has finally touched down here but it is almost gone, melting away.  It was really nice to wake up this morning to all the white, made the start of the day seem so bright and cheery.

It has been a very busy and slightly stressful week, but I have the weekend off, and I am trying my best to enjoy it as much as possible.  I might go and try to get some Christmas shopping done tomorrow.  We are not having a big holiday this year, and most of the present for people will be ordered online since my family is pretty scattered.  I do need to pick up a secret Santa gift, and few little things here and there though.  I am usually a last minute shopper, so every year I keep on trying to get it done early, doesn't always work though!

The weather just makes me want to put on soft and warm clothing.  All of these pieces are repeats, except for the silk shell (Jcrew).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Latte "art"...

Or my incredibly cheap version of it.
At most I can do a heart with the foam, maybe a leaf...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dinner: Fajita Salad

Nothing exciting today, keeping busy at work.  Holiday seasons means lots of people, and lots to do.

I made this salad for dinner tonight.  I was craving guacamole, but was not sure how to incorporate it into a meal, so I went to the vegetable store and decided to make a vegetarian fajita salad.  Lots of peppers, onions, mushrooms on top of lettuce, cilantro.  Topped up with the guacamole, tomatoes, and some sour cream.

Hope everyone has had a great week so far!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day

First off, thank you for all those who have given their lives to serve their fellow countrymen.  Regardless of where you are or where you have served, thank you so much. 

Although I have not been blogging very long, I have noticed that many bloggers give back to many different societies and efforts.  Cindi from Simply Cindi has been encouraging people to wear purple in support of pancreatic cancer (in remembrance of her late father-in-law) so today I reached for my purple cardigan and also a new ring I picked up last weekend.

Purple cardigan -Jacob/ Joe's Jeans -anthro ($9.99)/ Brown shirt - RW&Co (I think it was $3.24?)/ Green double strap Maryjanes - Payless ($14.99)

 New ring from The Bay.  It is slightly huge, but that's why I like it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I am really liking: Steadfast and Whimsy skirt

So this is a bit outside of my normal tastes, but this skirt really has my attention.  The colours are great, I have mad love for plaid, and I am pretty sure no one else around here will be wearing the same thing as me.

I know, it looks really weird on the mannequin, here is a another picture.

So I am not as tall as the model, but 5 ft 6, that's not short, I have boots similar to those, the perfect leather jacket to wear on top...oh skirt, you might end up being mine one day....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birds in the Tree

So far this weekend has been pretty awesome.  Fiance and I went out for late night all you can eat sushi on Friday, and had a blast.  Though, we have decided to not go again on a Friday night, the place was very noisy and slightly chaotic.  I think we are both getting too old for being around loud crowds.  Saturday we went poking around some stores during the day, and I made home made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  We ended the night by watching "How to Train Your Dragon" which was so adorable.  I now want my own black dragon with green eyes named Toothless.  If not a dragon, maybe just a cute black cat with the same specifications?  

The weather today has been the best so far this weekend, and I have to head off to work for the rest of the day, but we took some pictures earlier since I had the handiness of a photographer.  The photographer was much more interested in taking pictures of the leaves and trees then me though, so most of the pictures were of the background.  Oh boys...

Bird dress - H&M/ Tights - Old Navy/ Boots - Corso Como/ Cardigan - Gap

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shades of Grey

In honour of the grey skies today, I am wearing shades of grey.  A bit monochromatic, but I think the purple skirt and brown boots breaks it up a little.  Speaking of, is it grey or gray?  Spellchecker on blogger always wants to correct my British version of words.  So far it is a pretty boring Thursday, I think the most exciting thing is that fiance will be in town tomorrow, so I am cleaning house and making plans for the weekend.

Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend? Fabulous parties or wild trips?  

The lawn maintenance people came today, no more pretty blanket of leaves on the ground.

Jcrew cord skirt/ Hayden Harnett riding boots/ Grey cardigan from my sister/ Grey leggings by Hue/ Grey v-neck shirt (unknown)

At least the leaves on the tree are plenty.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One of those days...

I hate those days when you stare at the closet and you know you have things to wear, but nothing seems to be right.  I usually either end up hating what I wear that day, or just reach for something that always seem to have worked ok in the past.  Today was an "ok day".

I picked this dress up two years ago, and every year it becomes a fall and winter staple for me.  It is merino wool so keeps me cozy, is not clingy, and the colour is nice and vibrant.  I really like sweater dresses but sometimes they are just too clingy and hug in the wrong places.  It makes me feel like a sausage, all squished in and pushing out on the sides.  Not a good feeling.

Jcrew merino sweater dress/ Urban Outfitters ruffle vest/ Jcrew scattered locket necklace/ Hayden Harnett riding boots

Love taking pictures in the backyard right now, all the pretty colours of the leaves.  It makes me want to run to a forest and take pictures there, though they are all a bit of a distance away.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cimona and Halloween

I thought I would try to write about different things on the days with no outfits, just to keep the flow, and also to practice my writing skills.  If you find this pointless, or would prefer something else to be discussed, just let me know, I am happy to oblige!  In the mean time a restaurant review.

So last Friday Rachael and I went into Steveston for dinner at a little cafe called Cimona.  The cafe itself is very small.  The decor is fairly tame, but because of the size, very cozy and welcoming.  I have never not been able to get a table there, but it seems to have a steady stream of customers.  The menu is the normal west coast fare, burgers, pasta, salads, steak, and some Greek choices.  There is also a breakfast menu that is served until 3pm, with fantastic omelets, and the breakfast potatoes are fantastic.  Portions are very large, and the prices are low.  This makes for usually a very filling and inexpensive meal. 

Rachael had the chicken souvlaki wrap and yam fried served with chipotle mayo.  She enjoyed both, and I completely recommend their yam fries, very tasty!  I had the cheeseburger with regular fries.  The burgers at Cimona are hand made, and are full of herbs and garlic and other great things.  I have also had various pasta dishes, and enjoyed them all.

Chicken wrap with yam fries

Cheeseburger (you can see the herbs in the burger)

And from yesterday, Halloween at work, deer caught in the headlights!  The costume was a hit, I think I am in many random families Halloween pictures when I was handing out candy.  I didn't even smudge the nose during the day, which is what I was worried about the most.