Sunday, November 28, 2010

Review & Copy-cat of an outfit

So my steadfast and whimsy skirt came this week.  Oh Canada, why must shipping be so slow to me, I want my parcels faster (and cheaper hehe).  Has the tissue wrapping from Anthropology changed for anyone else?  I used to get a cream paper with red circles, and now it has grey lines and birds on it.  I like the change.

First off, the review.  The fabric is nice and silky feeling, but a matte finish.  The plaid is a nice blend of navy, cream, yellow, and green.  I can see it going well with quite a few colours.  The length is very long which is a nice change.  If I wear it higher up on my waist, the length is like in the catalog shot.  If I wear it lower, it dips down in the back, but does not drag on the ground.  I don't think that the tiers make me look any wider in the hips, so that is nice.  Not many cons for the skirt for me, but I can see this being overwhelming on smaller frame.

Here is the catalog shot

Here is my take (I wore a mustard scarf with it as well)
Steadfast and Whimsy skirt (anthro), Faryl-Robin Bounder boots, Green leather jacket (The Bay years ago)
Ahem, excuse the "looking towards the light" pose... it is dark now, so I was getting crazy red-eye going on.


  1. Love ur take on the catalogue shot..ITs flawless esp love ur maxi skirt..

  2. Jess,

    Great copy cat! Your jacket even has the same little pockets. Can't really see your boots in this photo. The outfit looks amazing on you. You really have this look going for you. It's your great hair cut and the RED too.

    The skirt colors look totally different between your photo and the catalog shot. Are the colors Navy and Yellow? Would have loved to see the scarf with the outfit too.

    This is definately a great copy cat. The maxi skirt is something very different from what you normally wear. I love that you are trying different styles.

    Was happy to see your post. Seems like it had been awhile since I visited last and fed your fishies.

  3. Hello Jess! I noticed the wrapping changed too. It had some faint grey print on it. I thought it may have just been because i bought the spinning lace dress, but guess they've changed it for good!
    You've done the Anthro catalogue justice with that photo (all you need now are horses in the background) :-) The skirt really suits your slender figure!

  4. Great copycat! The skirt shows off your figure nicely :)

  5. I love this! I saw this skirt in the store today and I was bummed they didn't have my size because it was a good deal! It's so pretty. Great copycat! You look hot! :)