Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Jess Likes: Haagen-Dazs Cranberry Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

Or at least I hope it like it. Tim found it for me today, can't wait to try it.
 Has anyone else tried this yet? I think it is the last of a batch given the time of the year.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Tweedy Polka Dots

When JG wore this outfit awhile back, I kept the idea of pairing this skirt with a patterned shirt. I had been sticking to wearing a solid on top, so when I saw this blouse in my drawer, it clicked.

 Polka Dot Blouse - Tulle
Skirt - Anthropologie "Tomato Picking"
Belt - random mall store
Tights - Hue
Boots - Hayden Harnett "Madeleine"

This blazer is part of the suit I picked up at the thrift store a few weeks back.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Outfit of the Day: 2 past outfits

Here are a couple of past outfits, been feeling unmotivated and lounging around in sweats pretty much for the last 2 weeks. I hope to have more outfits around the corner.

 Wore this last night for Valentine's Day. No pink or red on me! Tim bought this dress for me a couple of Christmas' ago, so I figured it was a good choice. We went out for a pasta dinner, and they brought us the wrong dessert, yay for extras! That's the way to my heart for sure.
Dress - Plenty! by Tracy Reese 
Jacket - Gap 
Fish Necklace - Vintage at Fremont Market
Dotted Tights - Kate Spade
Boots - Hayden Harnett

Wore this to check out Jason Wu at my Target. Went on the following day of launch, not a drop left. Sad panda over here.
Cardigan - Old Navy
Black Skinny Knit Pants - Joe's Jeans
Camisole - Hayden Harnett
Boots - Target