Saturday, October 29, 2011

Washington Park Arboretum + Japanese Garden

We went to the Washington Park Arboretum and Japanese Garden today. The changing of the leaves is just starting and it was lovely. Even the rain held off for us.

BB Dakota Bostwick Coat - Reverse-Reverse 2010, Joes Jeans Reed Cigarette - Anthropologie 2009, Pilcro Patent-Edge Satchel - Anthropologie 2011, Boots - Hayden Harnett 2009 (?)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Inspired by the Golden Spectrum Skirt, a handmade version?

Ah, love this whole outfit, not the hefty price tag that comes with it though.

Mostly, the skirt kept calling to me. So when I found a knit fabric the other day, my first instinct was to make a skirt with it. 

Here is the result and my outfit for the day. My $4 skirt vs the $400 one.

Skirt - handmade, Leather jacket - The Bay, Gingham shirt - Old Navy, Locket necklace - JCrew, Tights - Target, Over the Knee boots - Pegabo

 I did try to line up the stripes...oops.

Best part? No buttons, bulky waistbands, or zippers. Just comfort.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Jess Likes: New Arrivals to Anthropologie

All of these, gorgeous, love them. Enough said (almost).

Flocked Sillitoe Dress - by Lauren Moffatt - $350 US.
I think part of the reason for this dress is because my high school colors where blue, green, and white. Pretty much spot on to these colors.

Tiered Stripes Dress - by Bailey 44 - $188 US. 
I wasn't a fan of the black sleeveless version, but I love the deep purple with the sleeves.

Titan Blooms Top - by Deletta - $98 US. 
This might be borderline grandma's couch pillow, but I love the navy with rust and pale blue.

 Banded Lace Skirt - by Yoanna Baraschi - $148 US.
Creamy mixed lace alternating with black bands, a bit doily, but that will go with my pillow shirt.

Foxglove Boots - by Pezzella - $278 US.
The color is fantastic, they looks smushy and soft, and the cutouts are an unexpected touch.

Anything you have your eye on right now? Fantasy shopping is always fun.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thrifting Finds: Fabric, and Lace, and Boots, oh my!

There is a pretty large thrift store down the street from me, and while they might not always have the best price, the fact that they are central in the city does mean they get a large amount of stock all the time. I had an errand to run yesterday, so popped in to see if they had any fabric there. 

Turns out that they do. And for pretty decent prices. Of course they don't have a wide range, but they did have a few gems that caught my eye. If I was looking for something specific, I would have been disappointed, but I think I want to find the fabric, then create with it, as opposed to thinking of something, then go looking for fabric.

What I liked:
 A lace, a stripe, a multi-colored knit with a tiny row of sequins.

 Close up. The lace will be perfect for trim, it has rows of solid fabric, with the lace in-between.The knit I have a great plan for already.

And picked these up for $6. Vintage leather boots with an embossed front. I will put a new insole in, because that is slightly icky otherwise for me.
 Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Built by Wendy Dresses: The Sew U Guide to Making a Girl's Best Frock

While down in Portland, we spent a nice chunk of time browsing Powell's City of Books. That is the biggest (and coolest) book store I have ever been in. I like the fact that they had both used and new books for sale. I hate the cost of books at regular price since I tend to go through them quickly. A book read once is pretty much the same as a new book, except half the price.

I usually tend to browse the cooking, science fiction/fantasy, and sewing/fashion sections. This book caught my eye on the endcap: Built by Wendy Dresses: The Sew U Guide to Making a Girl's Best Frock by Wendy Mullin (found here at Amazon).

Looking through the book, it has really piqued my interest. I have been looking for a hobby to start up, and sewing seems like the logical choice since I have a machine handy. The book comes with 3 basic patterns that you can adjust to create 25+ different designs. While reviews state that this is not a book for beginners, I am looking foward to a challenge. I did a fair amount of sewing when I was younger (dresses, coat, blankets, skirts), so it will be nice to get the creativity flowing again. I ended up ordering the book online so when it comes, I can't wait to find some fabric to start.

Now all my crafty readers here in the United States, where do you find has the best prices and choices for fabric? West Coast recommendations are fantastic! Or do you order online?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Short Skirt and a Long(er) Jacket

So how was everyone's weekend? Do anything exciting? I had a pretty quiet weekend, a couple of errands and that was about it. 

 Ruffled Sweaterdress - JCrew, Sweatercoat - Anthropologie, Tights- outlet store, Boots - Target 

The dress is a smidgen shorter then I am used to, but wearing with tights doesn't feel awkward. Does anyone else feel more secure in tights?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Jess Likes: Patent Edge Satchel

Hayden Harnett Barnard bag in Persian Rose, you are a great bag, and I love you still, but time for a change.

Patent-Edged Satchel
 Hello new bag. Made by Pilcro (sold out at Anthropologie), this bag is the perfect shade of brown, with a fun green shiny trim. The leather is buttery soft, and holds the same amount of purse belongings as my Barnard bag. 

The first awesome part: finding for $19.99 (Originally $248.00 I believe) at the Portland, Oregon store last weekend. It was still marked as $49.99, which I am guessing is the reason it was still hanging around in the sale room. The second awesome part: matches my green patent wallet.

Friday, October 14, 2011

What Jess Likes: Free People

A few fall goodies that I like (but more for inspiration then anything else, Free People is a bit pricey).

 Dreamy Cashmere Tunic - $228.00 US
Ouch at the price, but so cozy looking, I would pair similar to the model, minus the hat and knee high black flat boots and chunky oatmeal cardigan over top.

I will take this whole outfit, minus the hat (ok what is with these hats? Not liking them), and the bag. The dress might be a smidgen nightgown-like, but comfort is key eh?

Lace Blazer (in Green) - $148 US
The blazer caught my eye at first, but again, I like the whole outfit. I'll take one of each please. Are you listening Santa?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Sparkle Sparkle

When you get something new, do you wait to wear it, or go for it right away? I usually go for it right away. Of course unless it is a ballgown or something equally fancy, then I wait.

 Beaded Foliage Shift - Anthropologie, tights - outlet in Oregon? cardigan - Old Navy, boots - Hayden Harnett, belt - Anthropologie

Off for a girl's day out today. I am glad to have met a girl here, it is hard to meet people when you move to a new location, but are not in school.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Jess (or Grace?) Likes: A shopping trip?

So my in-laws have been in town this week from Taiwan. We took them down to Oregon to go and see Crater Lake, and after traveling approximately 1000 miles round trip, we just wanted to relax today. Apparently that meant spending time in downtown Seattle. Lots of walking done in the last week. We walked past the Anthropologie, and Grace (mother-in-law) wanted to go inside. Sure! It seems that the 25% off sale was still going on?
These are what Grace picked out for me:

Beaded Foliage Shift - by Rina Dhaka

 The beading on the bottom really caught her eyes, she lit up when she saw the detailing.

Deciduous Pullover in grey - by Postmark. The material is very soft, and the back forms into a great v with a bow at the top. 

I love what she picked out, and it was even nicer to spend time 1-on-1 with her.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Rust, Brown, and Periwinkle

My plans for today: Clean the house for in-laws coming to visit tomorrow from Taiwan, random immigration paperwork, laundry, dinner out with husband (yay! Indian perhaps?).

 H&M rust flutter-sleeve dress (see on Bonjour It's Jinah here), Anthropologie Ha'Penny cardigan in periwinkle (see on the Delightful Find and Carol) Gap polka dot tights, Anthropologie Sweater Cuffed Booties by Schuler & Sons (see on Dea, and a smidgen on Katie)

 Hello there, I am not sure why my nose is in the air.

Gratuitous bootie shot!

Oh yeah, I am going to Oregon soon for a weekend, any recommendations for family friendly things to do in Portland (on a weekday), and around Eugene for a day trip? Thanks!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Outfit of the Day: I (heart) my boots

I picked these up during the summer on super sale, now it is boot weather! I am used to wearing boots that come up to the knee (or higher), but I am loving the length of these. I also like that I can adjust the width of these, so they fit my calves snugly, which means no gaping. Plus, they are lined in "fur", so hurray! Warm and toasty feet.

Jcrew merino sweater dress, Old Navy boyfriend cardigan, H&M lace scarf, random tights, Kelsi Dagger Mashita boots.

I was all excited to take photos today, then looked outside, it is pouring. Thankfully I have a spot under the eaves. 

 I didn't know this when I got these, but apparently Anthropologie carried them as the Taiga Oxford Boots. Not sure if they were popular or not, only 3 reviews for them. I (heart) them though.

 You can see them on JG here. I crossed my laces in the front, but hers show how they originally came. I think they are adorable on her, and her pictures show the wingtip detailing, and color better.

 My in-laws are coming this weekend, so I have been busy fixing things around the house. Oh who caulked the bathtub yesterday? I did! But the silicone was clear, which I didn't know (I thought it might dry opaque in the end, silly me), so I am not thrilled. It will definitely be redone within the month with white caulk.