Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Jess Likes: New Arrivals to Anthropologie

All of these, gorgeous, love them. Enough said (almost).

Flocked Sillitoe Dress - by Lauren Moffatt - $350 US.
I think part of the reason for this dress is because my high school colors where blue, green, and white. Pretty much spot on to these colors.

Tiered Stripes Dress - by Bailey 44 - $188 US. 
I wasn't a fan of the black sleeveless version, but I love the deep purple with the sleeves.

Titan Blooms Top - by Deletta - $98 US. 
This might be borderline grandma's couch pillow, but I love the navy with rust and pale blue.

 Banded Lace Skirt - by Yoanna Baraschi - $148 US.
Creamy mixed lace alternating with black bands, a bit doily, but that will go with my pillow shirt.

Foxglove Boots - by Pezzella - $278 US.
The color is fantastic, they looks smushy and soft, and the cutouts are an unexpected touch.

Anything you have your eye on right now? Fantasy shopping is always fun.

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