Sunday, September 26, 2010

Copy Cat

I try very hard to not get catalogs and magazines to the house anymore, but the Anthropologie catalog is an exception. With it's gorgeous photography and cute outfit ideas, my copies become very dog-eared. Since it would be completely impractical for me to go out and purchase all of the outfits, I usually wait until things go on sale and then substitute what I already have. There was one occasion where I ended up with the complete outfit at great price, but that is once in a blue moon.

This was yesterday's outfit when the sun was out and shining (was that not just a great day Jodi?), and it is a copy of the catalog shot, but slightly tweaked. I will show the difference in what I paid vs the retail, as I am quite proud of the deals.

Catalog shot:
I loved how easy-breezy she looks

My version:
Bit more covered on top, different pants but same feeling

Banderole tank (sale $19.99 vs retail $118)
COH slate invader skinnies ($9.99 vs retail $198)
Ann Taylor loft cardigan
Kenneth Cole Reaction snakeskin flats

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celebrating a Birthday

Yesterday was my dear friend Rachael's 26th birthday, so out for dinner and merriment we went. For dinner we went to Mandalay in Steveston Village and had a great time. The first time we went there was without reservations, and they were very busy so we had to sit at the bar. While the food was great (try the Moo Shu Crabcakes!), the sitting was so awkward, so I recommend making reservations if it is a weekend night. Last nights food was fantastic, service was great, and everyone had a great time.

Afterwards, most of us went walking along the boardwalk and they were apparently filming for the television show "Life Unexpected". I have watched that show once, but could not really get into. I had no idea that they filmed it locally, and apparently the high school in the show is Cambie High, which is pretty cool. I was hoping that they were filming "Supernatural" because if they were, I definitively would have tried to get a closer look.

There were massive spotlights overhead by the water, so we took advantage of the lights to get some neat photos.

The first picture was taken by Tim (fiance), and Rachael gets credit for the outfit one.

Outfit of the night?

Dress by Diane von Furstenberg (Zora in Scattered Petals)
Mike & Chris Simeon Trench in Cobalt
Anthropologie Maru Sash
Hayden Harnett Origami Bag & Zelda boots (worn over the knee)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon

Today is apparently the last great day of weather for the next week or so, and with it being the a harvest moon today, I felt the "In a Twinkling Dress" by Anthropologie was completely appropriate. I picked this up in Seattle last weekend, and the gold dots just seemed a great way to echo the ending days of summer.

Some bloggers have mentioned that the dots are itchy, which I can understand, but fortunately for me, I have tough skin! I paired it with a deep purple cardigan to play up the gold in the outfit, brown riding boots by Hayden-Harnett, and some knee high socks with gold threads running through them. The bag is Hayden-Harnett's Origami bag in Brandy-Blueberry combination.

My fiance was around today, so he took my photo. I should mention that it is so much easier to have someone else take your photos for you. I usually have to set the self-timer, run away, pose, rinse and repeat. If only I could convince him to take my photo all the time.

The harvest moon tonight is supposed to be spectacular, so everyone, please check your sunset times tonight, go outside, and enjoy! The last harvest moon was around 20 years ago, so if you are around my age, we likely do not remember the last one.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Gorgeous!

Sorry for the delay, I went away on vacation, and left my camera charger down in the states. Should have it back next week though! In the mean time, here is a small recap of my vacation!

Spent a day in Seattle, pretty uneventful, just hanging out with fiance and having dinner.

Then we went off to New York for a couple of days, met up with a friend, had great food, did some shopping (I am sorry I took you to all the Anthropologies in New York Tim and Sharon, it was not on purpose I swear!)

Went to Boston for a day, and then up to Maine for 2 days. It was so pretty, and really strange to see the ocean on my right, instead of the left for a change. Oh, and the lobster? So divine! Rest of the trip was heading back to New York for a day, then Seattle for another day, and then home! I took around 300 pictures, but no one wants to see that many posted here.

I stayed on budget for the most part, but the two best parts of the shopping? These two gorgeous finds! Compeer dress by Frock! Tracy Reese (from Anthropologie) and Diane von Furstenberg's Zora in Scattered Petals.

The Compeer dress is a fantastic paprika colour, and has great detailing. The one I picked up had a broken slip strap, so it was further marked down. I spent more time looking for a needle then I did actually sewing the strap back on, so well worth the extra % off. I feel that this dress will be great for the fall with boots, tights, and a cardigan over top. I actually wore this outfit already this week as described, but alas, no pictures.

Found the Zora at the Nordstrom's Rack in Seattle by SouthCentre on final clearance for a fantastic price, in my size only. I remember seeing this dress about a year ago, but wrote it off since DVF dresses are very expensive in Canada, and never get as marked down as they do in the states. It was meant to be, even if Tim says I look like a gypsy in it! If only I had that lovely cardigan, but I have a dark purple one already that will work, or perhaps I can find a rust coloured one?