Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon

Today is apparently the last great day of weather for the next week or so, and with it being the a harvest moon today, I felt the "In a Twinkling Dress" by Anthropologie was completely appropriate. I picked this up in Seattle last weekend, and the gold dots just seemed a great way to echo the ending days of summer.

Some bloggers have mentioned that the dots are itchy, which I can understand, but fortunately for me, I have tough skin! I paired it with a deep purple cardigan to play up the gold in the outfit, brown riding boots by Hayden-Harnett, and some knee high socks with gold threads running through them. The bag is Hayden-Harnett's Origami bag in Brandy-Blueberry combination.

My fiance was around today, so he took my photo. I should mention that it is so much easier to have someone else take your photos for you. I usually have to set the self-timer, run away, pose, rinse and repeat. If only I could convince him to take my photo all the time.

The harvest moon tonight is supposed to be spectacular, so everyone, please check your sunset times tonight, go outside, and enjoy! The last harvest moon was around 20 years ago, so if you are around my age, we likely do not remember the last one.


  1. Jess,

    Perfect combination. I love Purple and Gold. I shied away from the In A Twinkling because of the itchy dots. Love it on you.

    I sure would like to see more Posts and outfits from you. I don't understand why you don't have more followers. Is it because that is how you want it?

    I agree that it's easier to have someone take photos for you. But sometimes they want to take over. And that just doesn't work for me. I want to be the photgrapher, director and model all at once.

    Hayden and Harnett! The brand is very familiar to me. I can't figure out from where though. Like from my past.

    Thanks you for the Harvest Moon Heads up. The BF and I will be checking it out at Sunset.

    Love, Laura

  2. Hi Laura!

    Thank you :) I will be posting more outfits now that fall is coming around, I am much more a fall/winter person with my clothing choices.

    As far as followers go, I am not quite sure how to put myself out there yet without being annoying. Would love to have more, but we shall see!

    Hmmm Hayden-harnett had a collection with bags at target 1-2 years ago, but it's pretty low key still I feel. Enjoy the moon, I can't wait to see it!

  3. Hi ya Jess, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am playing around with learning photography so I can take better pics, in a way I am more interested in photography than the outfit aspect to all this!! hah hah.. the only thing is, next time your man takes your pic have him get a full shot so we can see your face and smile :) My guy always looks at my kindof funny when he see's me leave with the tripod and camera.. like he is secretly laughing or amused.. oh well. Cute dress by the way.. I like the purple and brown combo with it.. very nice!!
    anyway, am off to bed early.. have to catch the first FERRY in the morning to head over to your side... I will wave :)

  4. Hi Jess! It's so lucky you have tough skin! I love the look of the in a twinkling dress, but I was one of those bloggers who found it too itchy! It looks great on you! Have you thought about getting a remote for your camera? Then when you take self-portraits without have to do the self-timer run-around :)

    btw, found you though Anthroholic's Reader outfits post!

  5. Hello it is me again. Nice outfit and the thumbs up from one of the owners - you go girl.

  6. Jess,

    I saw your Anthroholic Readers Submission. When I posted the other day I was going to suggest that, but then I decided it was too pushy. Imagine my surprise when I found your photo there. Do that every week and you will get Followers fast. I never ask, but I Follow anyone that comments on my Posts. Needless to say, I am Following twice as many Blogs, than there are Bloggers Following me. My Dashboard is out of control.

  7. Hi Jodi, I hope your ferry trip went well! I tend to take better photos not looking at the camera, go figure, I think I get nervous or something :P

    Hi Lori! Thanks for the idea of a remote! My camera is just a cybershot so I don't know if they even make remotes for those? I will look into it though for sure. You look great in that dress from the reader's submissions :)

    Thanks for the advice Laura! Haha well feel free to be pushy, I don't mind :) I think that is a great idea.