Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celebrating a Birthday

Yesterday was my dear friend Rachael's 26th birthday, so out for dinner and merriment we went. For dinner we went to Mandalay in Steveston Village and had a great time. The first time we went there was without reservations, and they were very busy so we had to sit at the bar. While the food was great (try the Moo Shu Crabcakes!), the sitting was so awkward, so I recommend making reservations if it is a weekend night. Last nights food was fantastic, service was great, and everyone had a great time.

Afterwards, most of us went walking along the boardwalk and they were apparently filming for the television show "Life Unexpected". I have watched that show once, but could not really get into. I had no idea that they filmed it locally, and apparently the high school in the show is Cambie High, which is pretty cool. I was hoping that they were filming "Supernatural" because if they were, I definitively would have tried to get a closer look.

There were massive spotlights overhead by the water, so we took advantage of the lights to get some neat photos.

The first picture was taken by Tim (fiance), and Rachael gets credit for the outfit one.

Outfit of the night?

Dress by Diane von Furstenberg (Zora in Scattered Petals)
Mike & Chris Simeon Trench in Cobalt
Anthropologie Maru Sash
Hayden Harnett Origami Bag & Zelda boots (worn over the knee)


  1. Jess, GREAT outfit.. I love the dress with those boots and the long sweater and the color combo is awesome too!! I love Steveston for the markets they have...
    happy Saturday.. we have sun over here YEAH

  2. Jess,

    Tim's boardwalk photo is fabulous. How cool they had all those lights on like that. Sure made photo taking a breeze.

    Don't you simply look gorgeous. The Cobalt Blue coat is fabulous with your Red hair. Love that dress.

    Tell your friend Rachael 'happy birthday' from your Blog friend Laura.

  3. Your big sister wants your bag!!! :P

  4. Thanks Jodi! I love steveston too, even if to just poke around for an afternoon. Yay for the sun!

    Thank you Laura :) I will let Rachael know, or she will see on monday when she gets to work.

    Diana, you will have to fight mom for it too then :P