Sunday, April 15, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Strange Memorials

 Had a very relaxing weekend (minus the work part of it), full of sunshine and fun things.

Check it out! That is Canada (White Rock, British Columbia to be exact) sitting out there across the water. Had an appointment near the border today.

 Green Herringbone Blazer - Robert Noble for JCrew 2005 (thrift)
Skirt - Anthropologie "Apothecary Skirt"
Boots - Hayden Harnett "Madeleine in Brandy"
Purse - Hayden Harnett "Barnard in Persian Rose"

 Two interesting plaques we saw wandering around Old Fairhaven in Bellingham. Poor Mathew.

And poor wagon?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Pencil Skirt

A while back I mentioned I was wanting to find a colored pencil skirt, like the J Crew double-serge wool pencil skirts, but without the hefty price tag. When I went to the thrift store for a little birthday shopping I came across a purple wool one. It is vintage, and even though it said it was a size 8, I was wary of it fitting. Vanity sizing runs rampant these days, so I think I am around an 8/10 in vintage.

 It fit!

 Here it is in the sunlight to get the true color. A nice, crisp purple. The $5 price tag sure beats anything else I had found. Patience pays off again!

 Black Velvet Blazer - JCrew - thrift
Black Camisole - Ann Taylor - thrift
Pencil Skirt - thrift/vintage
Houndstooth tights - Reitman's (Canada)
Key Charm Necklace - gift

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Birthday Post

Ah that time of year that comes by...well once a year. It is a bit melancholy to be away from my friends and family in Canada this year (and my mom down south), but I had a great day at work with a birthday banana cream pie and fried rice. We also went out last night to have a meal with another couple we have grown close to, and that was great. Almond milk bubble tea is my new favorite.

In honor of my birthday, I took myself shopping. Had a coupon for 30% off at my local thrift store, so I enjoyed a nice afternoon off there browsing and looking around. I was very thrilled to find an ivory JCrew Victoria Ruffle Camisole for $1.79, and a coral JCrew Jackie Cardigan for $3.99. I loved the camisole when they first came out, but didn't manage to get one on sale. The pants were another find, Banana Republic beige herringbone wool lined trousers for $5.99. Hurray a new outfit for under $12.

Camisole - JCrew "Victoria Ruffle" - thrift
Cardigan - JCrew "Jackie" - thrift
Pants - Banana Republic - thrift

 And a rare face shot, taken nice and early, around 6:30 this morning.

Happy birthday shout outs to my fellow April 5th-ers, Jess over at Consume or Consumed, and AmyK over at KelindaKELINDA! Hurray for the Aries in the blogging world :)