Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Pattern mixing +1

Cue the video game fanfare, I patterned-mixed today, and it was more noticeable, but I totally felt normal. I feel like I have gained a level in the "how to get dressed" game. I wore this to a work function/inspirational visit from our company's ceo, it was pretty darn cool. Lots of excitement and happiness in the air.

 Old Navy check blouse, H&M floral skirt, Target boots, Joya & Vane locket, random belt.

Filigre, checks, and florals.

 This is the "ughhh what the heck photo, but I can laugh at myself today".

Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Anthropologie look-a-likes + Outfit of the Day

We all know that Forever21 has a habit of mimicking other brands and stores, so I was curious to see if I could find any look-a-likes to Anthropologie.  Of course the downside is that the quality is not the same, but if you look close enough, you can find some items which are not bad given the price point.

Please keep in mind, none of these are the same, but they did remind me of pieces I have seen/and or tried on before.

What I wore today. Compeer dress, target boots, Forever21 belt, scarf from Anthropologie.
The cut of this floral dress ($28.80 CAD) is the same as the Kingston Road Dress ($99 CAD) perhaps a bit shorter though?
I can't find it online, but it looked to be a newer arrival to me. A pretty green with a bit of grey, with a floral print all over. Like the Kingston Road Dress, you need a bit more on top to fill it out it seems. I am wearing a size medium.

Next up is this blazer ($27.90 CAD) It is from the Heritage 1981 line, which I admit is usually a bit too..preppy-grunge for me, but this caught my eye walking by. It totally reminded me of the En Route Blazer ($118 CAD)
The stripes on the Forever21 blazer are a bit wider, and it is double-breasted, but both are knit, cropped, and look adorable with the cuffs turned up. Both the small and medium fit, but the small was a bit too tights in the arms. I really appreciated the fact that they matched the side seams up, and that the blazer is lined with navy on the inside.

 The next two are just random things I tried on.
 Geometric patterned maxi dress. Looked horrible without the belt. Pretty pattern and length though. $35.80 CAD I think?

This shirt seemed nice on the hanger. The pretty mint colour caught my eye.
Wearing a medium. The lace is nice, but not really for me for some reason? Can't remember the price of it for the life of me, likely around $25 CAD?

 As you can see, the back is sheer, but the front is lined. Carly, I think you would like the colour of this one.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Fluffy Shoulders

 Halfway through my long weekend. What have I done so far? Tim came up to visit. We had fantastic burgers and frozen yogurt last night. Watched a soso movie last night (Waiting), definitely more a boy humor movie to me. Bought some fantastic bacon to have with brunch for today, it was so good.

 Two layers of fluff on my shoulders. This dress has detailing on the shoulders plus my vest. 
I might have to take flight.

Bailey 44 "Kissing Friday" dress - Anthropologie, Vest - Urban Outfitters, leaf necklace - Forever21, boots - Target

 Thinking about what to do tomorrow, what did you do on your weekend?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sister to the Backswept dress by Corey Lynn Calter

I was browsing ModCloth today, and came across this dress:

Looks familiar eh? Called the In the Headlines Dress, It is by Corey Lynn Calter, priced at $269.99.
 It is the same dress as the Backswept dress sold at Anthropologie, but with a different print.  I like both prints equally, but if you are smitten with the style, but not the green and orange colourway, this is a good alternative.

Such a pretty dress if it works on your frame.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Feeling a bit Primary

Sorry for the bit of absence readers, I just finished up working a week of Monday to Friday which is a bit unusual for me. But this means an actual long weekend for me, so yay!

 See those blinding white pins of mine? They really are that pale in person :)
Gap pleated skirt, Hayden Harnett michi cami/ ramone cuff, F21 drape cardigan, Target Kaiala boots.

Surprise bow hiding out in the back.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vancouver Anthropologie Grand Opening Private Party

I thought some of you might be interested in a little review of the new Vancouver Anthropologie store. Warning, there are a bunch of photos.

 I happened to be on facebook at the right time and was able to get two tickets to their grand opening private party. This one was on Saturday night and featured great food to nibble on, drinks, and two fantastic musicians, Nat J and T. Nile. Both girls were lovely, and I would recommend checking them out.

 Across the street, the netting is pretty cool. Very west coast.

First stop? The Sale room. Located on the top floor, its a bit crowded. That pretty blond girl was my +1 for the evening. Thanks Viv!

Some adorable giraffe planters in the Sale room. There were quite a lot of animals actually...

Some sheep...

Some birds (drawer pulls, too cute)...

And some owls (more drawer pulls).

After some more browsing through the store we headed to the dressing rooms.

Are they not just adorable? The mis-matched legs on the stools are a nice touch.

The texture of the walls really impressed me, imprinted stucco I think?

 This dress was my favourite thing that I tried on.

 What I ended up wearing. It worked out great, I didn't feel over dressed. It was nice too to see people decked out in Anthropologie pieces. I recognized quite a few of them!

 After a bit more browsing and listening to the girls perform, we called it a night. It was a great evening and thanks for the party Anthropologie! I will definitely be back again to check out the store, most likely after the next tag sale. There were quite a few things I was interested in, like that one dress...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Forever21 Lace dress review + Outfit of the Day

I had heard that there was a lace dress brought back to Forever21 that was pretty popular in the blogging sphere last year. I was on a mission to track it down.

What I wore for the hunt.
Aha! I found it. First impression? Nice ivory colour, a bit short. This is the medium size.It has a fairly boxy fit, but I can see the potential. With a leather jacket, drapey cardigan, or a nice statement necklace, it would be cute. I think I would wear it as a tunic though, bit too short for me otherwise.

Can see the extra fabric on the sides by my hand/hip. Price is around $35 CAD.

 Also tried on this peach and white dress from the Love21 line. It comes with a side zipper, and the white portion is thick, so won't show undergarments. Cute summer dress, didn't really wow me though.

Thank you everyone for voting this week.  I was left with a tie between the Golden Lights dress and the Zachary's Smile dress, so you will have to wait for pictures for my choice. 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I failed part of my mission...

It was not my shopping ban though. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will most likely break that on Saturday. Oh well.

 JCrew Drift dress in Agate. So comfortable and such a pretty colour in person. I really like this dress. It hangs nicely, is not short, and the detailing at the bust line is fun.

Matiko Sudi cutout boots, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, F21 leaf necklace, random belt.

Goodbye sort of long hair, I don't miss you.

Last day for voting for outfit help for tomorrow night. Seems to be pretty close between 1 & 4. I'm excited to see what wins. Please take a second and vote if you don't mind :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

What does one wear to an Anthro Opening Event? Reader Poll!

I have a quite fun event coming up this weekend, and I wouldn't mind some help choosing an outfit! This is actually me asking for help because I can't make up my mind, and need someone to say "Jess, wear that".

I did manage to narrow the selection down to 5 dresses, paired with the same jacket and boots.

Outfit #1
Anthropologie Golden Lights dress

 Outfit #2
 Hayden Harnett Yoko dress

Outfit #3
 Diane von Furstenberg Zora dress

Outfit #4
 Anthropologie Zachary's Smile printed dress

Outfit #5
 Hayden Harnett Helena wrap dress in the Painterly print

I would love some input, so please help me choose with the poll on the side! It is supposed to rain, so boots are needed for me.

Thanks a bunch :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

For My Mother

Dear Mom,

I love this picture of you! How old were you in it? You look so glamourous!

I never realized how much I would miss you until you moved. It is natural that children leave their parents and start their own life, but I think we did this sort of backwards, eh? It is ok though, I am doing great on my own and I haven't burned the house down yet! In fact, nothing has broken, except that darn pesky hot water tank that is now apparently better after they redid the plumbing in the house?

I am so happy that you found someone that you love and who loves you back, and that he take such good care of you. I am also happy that you ended up finding a job in California, and even though it might not be perfect right now, that you are able to look for something else, and work towards finding a happier place.

You have found a new hobby in quilting, and I can really see your artistic side coming out, something that I think you let go after you stopped doing stained glass, and I am so proud of the pieces you are creating. And bridge! I think it is adorable that you quilt and go to bridge meetings. You just need to start wearing a big hat and going out for tea! Oh wait, we did the big hat thing last summer at the Getty! Ok, go have cup of tea now. Constant Comment right?

I do miss you a lot, but there are so many good things going on in your life right now that they totally make up for it, and I am so happy that we can have such a close relationship. You are my mom, but you are also a best friend to me. You have taught me so much, and still do, and I truly appreciate it.

Happy Mother's Day!