Sunday, May 8, 2011

For My Mother

Dear Mom,

I love this picture of you! How old were you in it? You look so glamourous!

I never realized how much I would miss you until you moved. It is natural that children leave their parents and start their own life, but I think we did this sort of backwards, eh? It is ok though, I am doing great on my own and I haven't burned the house down yet! In fact, nothing has broken, except that darn pesky hot water tank that is now apparently better after they redid the plumbing in the house?

I am so happy that you found someone that you love and who loves you back, and that he take such good care of you. I am also happy that you ended up finding a job in California, and even though it might not be perfect right now, that you are able to look for something else, and work towards finding a happier place.

You have found a new hobby in quilting, and I can really see your artistic side coming out, something that I think you let go after you stopped doing stained glass, and I am so proud of the pieces you are creating. And bridge! I think it is adorable that you quilt and go to bridge meetings. You just need to start wearing a big hat and going out for tea! Oh wait, we did the big hat thing last summer at the Getty! Ok, go have cup of tea now. Constant Comment right?

I do miss you a lot, but there are so many good things going on in your life right now that they totally make up for it, and I am so happy that we can have such a close relationship. You are my mom, but you are also a best friend to me. You have taught me so much, and still do, and I truly appreciate it.

Happy Mother's Day!


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