Monday, January 31, 2011

Ootd: Mad for Plaid

Inspired by S at the delightful find, and also being on a continuous hunt for a blazer, I finally found one at Esprit that fit my bill.  I wanted one that had some sort of different touch, not too long in the waist, and in a navy colour scheme.  This one fits all of the criteria and has the added bonus of being plaid!  I love plaid, preppy but not too over the top.

 The buttons are asymmetrical, which is a nice touch. 

 Outfit with new blazer, thanks for the inspiration S to pair with a skirt with some volume!
Esprit blazer (from Spring 2011 line)
Club Monaco skirt (so old)
Gap pindot tights
FarylRobin Bounder boots
F21 Multi chain+bead necklace

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hmm trying out Disqus...

Hi everyone!  I have been debating on trying out a new commenting system, so I thought I would give disqus a try.  It was really easy to install, and I love the ability to respond to each comment individually.  Bear with me while I work out the kinks though?  

By the way, Fresh Sugar Plum Lip Treatment is fabulous! It is getting a thumbs up from me at the moment.  It makes my very dry lips moisturized, the scent (lemon) is great, and it adds just a touch of colour to my lips.  The metal and screw on cap is handy too for tossing into my bag and not becoming broken or damaged.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ootd: just a quick one

Quick simple outfit for running errands, maybe stopping by a pub tonight to celebrate a birthday.  What does one wear to a pub?  I think the last time I went to one was about 5 years ago...

Oh no, fashion no-no ahead! Black and brown! Just kidding, I always wear black and brown together.
I think I can stick to wearing this though, warm jacket on top and good to go!  
Oh short boots, where have you been all my life?  I love how light weight, comfy, and easy to wear they are.

Strewn Leaves blouse by Sanctuary (it has an awesome exposed gold zipper up about 1/2 of the back
Black skinny jeans from winners (hmm getting kinda of dark grey, might need to dye them)
Target Kaiala boots

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ootd: All days can't be fun dress up days...

Today is one of those days, feeling tired and lazy, the rain won't stop pouring, and I plan on doing some cleaning and purging of stuff.  Sure, I could go and put on something cute and cheerful, but that wouldn't be true, and what if something spilled or snagged?  So that leaves me with my comfy, worn jeans, shirt and sweater.

Do people take photos of what they wish they were wearing, and hide what they really do?  It seems like it would be easy, but almost as if you were getting ready for a life you weren't about to take part in.  I would love to wear dresses and skirts everyday, but that is not the point my life is at right now.  So unless I am opening at work, most days I wear work clothes, come home, and put on pajamas. I save my fun stuff for going out after work or my days off.  But then I have days like today, where on my day off, you get this:

Pretty basic, not exciting.  AG Boyfriend jeans, Jacob bronze molten crocheted back tank, Jacob purple cardigan, Schuler and Sons Sweater Cuffed Booties.  One step up from pajamas?

Alright, time to tackle the cleaning!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ootd: Pleated Dim Sum Joy

So I have been reading up a local food blogger site (chowtimes), and it had left me with a craving to try dim sum.  It is a bit shocking that having lived here for about 23 years, I have never gone for dim sum.  Between having a very high concentration of dim sum restaurants, and an asian fiance, you would think I would have been, but no, never!  I posted on facebook last night that I wanted to go for dim sum, and in about an hour, my friend Gloria phoned me to plan an outing for today. Yay! Thanks Gloria, you take me to all the best new restaurants.  I really want to go again.

Here are some of the dishes we had at the Neptune Seafood Restaurant.
 Clams in a lemongrass spicey sauce, very delicious.
 Shrimp dumplings, the shrimp were huge and "springy".
 These eggy-custard-sugary buns, no idea what they really were. Tasty too!
 Pan-fried turnip cubes in XO sauce, like almost agedashi tofu in texture.
We also had an eggplant stuffed with shrimp dish that came later after picture taking.  Everything was very tasty.  The only slightly bad part of the experience was that we seemed to be the last to be seated, even though others came in after us.  When we gave the hostess a puzzling look, she sat us quickly.  Oh well, service was very attentive afterwards.

And what I wore for Dim Sum.
Gap mustard pleated bow skirt (sash not tied as a bow though, bow overkill)
Anthropologie Volante tee (picked up in LA on sale?)
Gap maroon tights
Hayden Harnett Madeleine boots in Brandy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ootd: Kissing Thursday

Ohh scandalous title!  Or not, title stolen from the name of the dress.  My mom helped me to decide on this dress, saying that "everyone needs a rust colour dress...or two...", as I was wearing my Compeer dress that day.  Thanks mom!  You know my colour choices very well.

All is pretty quiet in my corner over here, most of the excitement is that Tim has been looking at houses for us in his down time, and I love seeing what he has gone to go look at.  There is no rush yet, but it is good to see what is out there, and the costs etc.   Hopefully we find something within six months! Fingers crossed everything falls into place so that this can happen.

Bailey 44 "Kissing Friday" dress in orange, RW&Co mauve-ish drape cardigan, Old Navy herringbone tights, Lucky Penny Boots

This dress has a great set of seams that make for a very flattering silhouette, and nips you in at all the right places.  Length is a smidgen short, but not obscene.  Nice fluttery detailing on the front and up and over the shoulders.  Only downside is that the tag says dry clean only, but in my case, I think it will hand-wash only.

RW&Co burnout drape cardigan detail.

Detail shot of Lucky Penny "Road Not Taken" Boots.  Best shoe find ever at $19.99!  I love all the detailing, the colours, and the texture of the leather.  Did anyone else pick these up or know of anyone who has?  I would love to see what they pair them with.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Liking: Lavanilla Vanilla Passion Fruit perfume

So the other day Rachael, Vivienne, and myself had a quick lunch time visit to Sephora, where we found this:

Rachael and I both wear the Vanilla Grapefruit scent, and we are in love with this one.  Lavanilla uses only natural ingredients and they smell lovely.  Not too strong on the vanilla, and with a touch of other scents.  After a bit of a wait on tracking down a sample of this so we could smell, I am in love.  A bit more berry (or fruity) then the grapefruit version, this is fantastic.  Priced at $75 CAD and only available in one size  (1.7oz) I hope that they make it in the rollerball style, since I do not wear perfume on a daily basis.  Not sure if this is a limited edition or not, the saleswoman said the gift set was, but not the bottle.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ootd: Kindred Greens

All of the greens today, on me, the fence, the big happy family.  Here are two of my purchases from being down in Los Angeles, worn at the same time of course!  Why prolong the wearing, may as well get straight to it.
 Hello Kindred Spirit sweater dress, you were all alone in the Del Amo store, you really wanted to come home with me...
 What is this? You fan out? I didn't know that, thanks Mr. Wind.

 Hayden Harnett Joey cuff in whipsnake.

And the other item, one of my better finds this trip.  Target leather Kaiala boots.  Knock-offs of Fryes, but for $19.98 (go clearance!) I am happy.  Fryes are awesome, but I think for real leather boots, that are comfy, these work just as well.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

drive by posting: Right on Target

What is this fellow Canadians?  Target is finally heading north?  Indeed it seems to be.  Target has recently made a plan to convert the majority of Zellers, if not all (plus a few Walmarts) into Target locations by 2014 (see more details here)  While I might feel a bit of regret for Zellers to be closing, with them being one of Canada's long-standing department stores, I think Target will have no problem securing a good piece of the market.  Price-point wise the two stores are on par, so that shouldn't be a problem, and I have found the selections at Target to be a bit more appealing.  What do you think about this news?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

drive by posting: Vancouver Anthropologie Update

Still away visiting family, but I got a lovely message from my friend Allysun, informing me that the new Vancouver Anthropologie store looks to be opening in Spring 2011, in South Granville!  Exact address says to be 2921 Granville Street.  Source came from here.  If this is the location, I think it will be in a great area.  South Granville has a lot of nice little boutiques and larger, but not common for Vancouver box stores, and makes a great destination for walking and shopping.  I have heard rumors of Park Royale, which was just a bit too far away for my liking (but pocketbook would be happy!), but this area makes much more sense to me.  It would fit the store well I think, a little upscale, but still...down to earth?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ootd: one part turtle, one part bird?

Since I am heading off for vacation soon, I had a few last minute errands to run and take care of.  There was a nice pause in the rain while I was out, and it has just started to come back in steady drizzle.  Score one point for great timing!

I will be visit my mother for about a week, so it might be pretty quiet on the blog front, but if I take any great pictures I will try my best to do updates.  Likely no outfit pictures though, I am not sure how easy they will be to while away.  We are going to Disneyland though so hopefully I can get some great shots there.

One part turtle = turtleneck!  This is one of my work shirts, but it was a perfect fit for this outfit
One part bird = well either the skirt, or the vest, depending on how you look at it.

I started the day with my shirt tucked in, and took some pictures before I headed out, and when I got home, I untucked.  I think I like the look better with the shirt untucked.  Any opinions?  Would love to hear them!

 Tucked above, untucked below

 H&M bird print skirt, Joe Fresh turtleneck, grey Hue sweater tights, Urban Outfitters ruffle vest, Jcrew scattered locket necklace, Pegabo suede over-the-knee boots

Detail shot (was actually a camera setting booboo, but it worked)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OOTD: rainy relaxing day

What do you like to do on rainy days?  I am making some soup for dinner and putting around the house.  Not much else to do but I am enjoying the quiet.  Rachael came over for lunch and we had a nice chat.  It is nice to catch up with people and just hang out doing nothing (but eat lunch that is!).

Warm and cozy, feeling slightly ballerina-like with my hair pulled back.  Not that I am graceful or ballerina-like in person.  I did take ballet when I was a munchkin, but I think that was more like a "let's humor Jess and see how she does".  Not so well from what I remember, but I enjoyed it.

 Joe's jeans -anthro, Seychelles At Last boots, Jcrew perfect fit tee in rust, Knitted & Knotted cardigan - anthro

Does anyone know the name of this cardigan?  It was the last one in a store around September 2010.

The buttons and sparkles make this cardigan special for me.  Bling bling!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And the chaos is over!

First off, thank you Tim for my new header and background.  He surprised me with it over the holidays.  Argyle lovers rejoice hehe.  Today was the first day that work was back to normal after the holidays. Back to the normal amounts of customers and also time for my vacation!  Time to paint my nails, stay up late (not likely) and visit family.

I hope everyone had a great time over the last week and are settling back into the normal grind of work and play, just with more emphasis on the play of course.

And it started to snow on my way home today?  I hope it does not stay for the week, I don't feel like traveling in the snow very much right now.
 Jcrew merino wool chainlink sweater dress, Green leggings (random store near work), same old gap olive cardigan, Pegabo over-the-knee black suede flat boots, Anthropologie gold beaded headband
Close up of the headband, I love all the beading, great for tactile people.

Have a great night everyone!