Friday, January 14, 2011

Ootd: Kindred Greens

All of the greens today, on me, the fence, the big happy family.  Here are two of my purchases from being down in Los Angeles, worn at the same time of course!  Why prolong the wearing, may as well get straight to it.
 Hello Kindred Spirit sweater dress, you were all alone in the Del Amo store, you really wanted to come home with me...
 What is this? You fan out? I didn't know that, thanks Mr. Wind.

 Hayden Harnett Joey cuff in whipsnake.

And the other item, one of my better finds this trip.  Target leather Kaiala boots.  Knock-offs of Fryes, but for $19.98 (go clearance!) I am happy.  Fryes are awesome, but I think for real leather boots, that are comfy, these work just as well.


  1. Ohhh! I love this dress too, and will have to break into mine sooner rather than later. This dress looks wonderful on you, and when i saw that picture of the skirt fanning out, i thought you may had put a petticoat under...but it was just the good ol' wind! I love it with those tights and boots.

  2. Looks great with your hair colour! I think it`s time my kindred went out for a spin again- it`s been a few weeks!

  3. Oh yes, take it for a spin Jen! Though the weather might be too warm right now for it down there? Perhaps in a bit :)

    Haha I thought you might have had this dress too thatdamngreendress :) Given the blog title and all. Thank you!

  4. really darling dress on you! i love it on you and how you styled it! so wonderful!

  5. Yay for a purchase in LA. The Green dress is so amazing against your hair. The ruffle collar equally as amazing. Adore those tights. My Target never has good Footwear. Now that we haven't had a drop of rain since the flood 3 weeks ago, I buy a pair of Black Polka Dot Rain Boots.