Thursday, January 13, 2011

drive by posting: Right on Target

What is this fellow Canadians?  Target is finally heading north?  Indeed it seems to be.  Target has recently made a plan to convert the majority of Zellers, if not all (plus a few Walmarts) into Target locations by 2014 (see more details here)  While I might feel a bit of regret for Zellers to be closing, with them being one of Canada's long-standing department stores, I think Target will have no problem securing a good piece of the market.  Price-point wise the two stores are on par, so that shouldn't be a problem, and I have found the selections at Target to be a bit more appealing.  What do you think about this news?


  1. Oh wonderful, Target would be great (I'm not Canadian, but I'm excited for you!!). I'm also excited about the Vancouver Anthro - yay!

  2. Isn't Zellers part of the Hudson Bay Company? Hmmm, what is up with Canadian retail!
    Love, Mum

  3. YES! I can't wait for Target to come to Canada. Apparently Marshal1s is coming to Canada too, this spring!

  4. Oh no! I didn't know there were no Targets in Canada...I'm really happy it's heading over, though. :D

  5. Strange news indeed...but can't help feeling excited about having some Target here!

  6. YAY YAY YAY!! You kind of wonder why it took so long.....

  7. I hope you get a better Target than the one we have in Bakersfield.

  8. Haha thanks Mandy! I might not get to enjoy the Canadian targets, but I know my friends will!

    Not too sure Mom, maybe the states are finally realizing Canada would be a good place to grow, since everyone likes to head down to the states to shop anyways.

    Really Sweet Laundry?! That is so cool, I like Marshalls :) cheaper version of winners hehe.

    Hi Rachel! Yeah...Canada misses out on a lot of stores that are just across the border.

    I agree thatdamngreendress! It is strange but exciting.

    Hi Jen! yeah...not sure why they took so long either...

    Hi Laura :) Yes, they can be very hit or miss eh? My mom took me to two near her house, one was ehhhhhh and the other one was much better. The one that was a bit off the beaten path was the better of the two.