Monday, January 24, 2011

Ootd: All days can't be fun dress up days...

Today is one of those days, feeling tired and lazy, the rain won't stop pouring, and I plan on doing some cleaning and purging of stuff.  Sure, I could go and put on something cute and cheerful, but that wouldn't be true, and what if something spilled or snagged?  So that leaves me with my comfy, worn jeans, shirt and sweater.

Do people take photos of what they wish they were wearing, and hide what they really do?  It seems like it would be easy, but almost as if you were getting ready for a life you weren't about to take part in.  I would love to wear dresses and skirts everyday, but that is not the point my life is at right now.  So unless I am opening at work, most days I wear work clothes, come home, and put on pajamas. I save my fun stuff for going out after work or my days off.  But then I have days like today, where on my day off, you get this:

Pretty basic, not exciting.  AG Boyfriend jeans, Jacob bronze molten crocheted back tank, Jacob purple cardigan, Schuler and Sons Sweater Cuffed Booties.  One step up from pajamas?

Alright, time to tackle the cleaning!


  1. I wear clothing like this on most days, Jess! It's important to be comfy! :) I just save my "cute days" for my blog to be honest! I think you are more than one step up from pajamas for sure - I adore your booties! SO gorgeous! Have a good one, gal!

  2. I love to dress up, but i love dress down days too!!

  3. Those jeans look very comfy! I never put on real clothes after work... Straight for the pajamas for me. I save my fun/cute clothes for the weekend.

  4. HEy Jess, i don't take photos everyday, only when i've made a bit of an effort with my dressing :-)
    It's nice to see bloggers in their comfort outfits though!

  5. Do I see a pansy by your shoulder?

  6. What the heck Jess! I can't believe you are going to clean in those boots. I waited a year to get a version of those. And AG's are top notch and expensive on sale. You look like your ready to hit the town shopping. You would cringe, and I would die of embarrassment if you saw what I do the cleaning in. I do have more ops to dress up than you since I work in an office.

    You look fantastic, even in old Anthro.

  7. Hi Mandy! Aww good to know I am not alone then, thank you :)

    Hi Array! Haha yes, I might grumble, but nothing beats comfy jeans and old t-shirts!

    Hello Viktoria! Ah yes, weekend wear is my favourite wear :)

    Hi Jen! Ahh interesting, I am in awe of those that can take photos everyday, but yeah, totally not the case here.

    Yes mom, I use the magnet for important things I can't forget by the door!

    Oh Laura! You would laugh, the jeans I picked up for $10! They are my cheapest. super comfy, holey jeans! Thank you though dear :)