Friday, January 21, 2011

Ootd: Pleated Dim Sum Joy

So I have been reading up a local food blogger site (chowtimes), and it had left me with a craving to try dim sum.  It is a bit shocking that having lived here for about 23 years, I have never gone for dim sum.  Between having a very high concentration of dim sum restaurants, and an asian fiance, you would think I would have been, but no, never!  I posted on facebook last night that I wanted to go for dim sum, and in about an hour, my friend Gloria phoned me to plan an outing for today. Yay! Thanks Gloria, you take me to all the best new restaurants.  I really want to go again.

Here are some of the dishes we had at the Neptune Seafood Restaurant.
 Clams in a lemongrass spicey sauce, very delicious.
 Shrimp dumplings, the shrimp were huge and "springy".
 These eggy-custard-sugary buns, no idea what they really were. Tasty too!
 Pan-fried turnip cubes in XO sauce, like almost agedashi tofu in texture.
We also had an eggplant stuffed with shrimp dish that came later after picture taking.  Everything was very tasty.  The only slightly bad part of the experience was that we seemed to be the last to be seated, even though others came in after us.  When we gave the hostess a puzzling look, she sat us quickly.  Oh well, service was very attentive afterwards.

And what I wore for Dim Sum.
Gap mustard pleated bow skirt (sash not tied as a bow though, bow overkill)
Anthropologie Volante tee (picked up in LA on sale?)
Gap maroon tights
Hayden Harnett Madeleine boots in Brandy


  1. I love this outfit! Grey and yellow are the best combo, and I love the way the bow and the pleats work together...

    I'm also reaaaaaalllly craving dumplings now. thanks a lot.

  2. Aw thank you! Haha you are welcome ;) did you go and have dumplings yet? Isn't that problem with food pictures, makes for such bad cravings...

  3. Ohh, i didn't know you fiance was asian Jess.
    Welcome to the world of yum cha and dim sums! Looking at your pictures of the prawn dumplings makes me really really hungry. They are my fave at yum cha, and HAVE to order those everytime we go.
    I love that combo with the pleated mustard skirt and grey Volante tee - a wonderful pairing!

  4. oh my goodness! you look absolutely adorable! i love the top with the skirt. what a great color combo too!!

  5. Very cute! I also want dumplings now. Luckily there's plenty of great Chinese food in Toronto. I'll have to check Neptune out the next time I'm in Vancouver, the food looks awesome!

  6. That dim sum looks delicious! (You had me at "eggy" and "custardy") I own that Gap mustard skirt but haven't debuted it yet...these beautiful shots certainly inspire me to take it out soon!

  7. Hi Jen! Haha yeah, he is original from Taiwan :) My friend told me that yum cha means to drink tea? Which made sense, we did drink a lot of tea during our meal!

    Hi S! Thank you so much! I am in love with all the bows hehe.

    Hello Sweet Laundry :) Oh yes, yum for food indeed! I want to go back again so very soon.

    Hi Rachel :) Oh yes, no shortage of asian food in either of those cities!

    Hello JG! Oh the bun was so strange, but very tasty. It was really runny though, more so then it normal is my friend said. It was the steamed egg custard bun (go figure that name!) Can't wait to see how you style the skirt, if you had a striped tee that would be adorable, I didn't have one, or I would have reached for that.

  8. Yes Jess "Yum cha" means drink tea :-)
    Tea is neccessary at yum cha, as the food can get quite oily, and tea supposedly washes away the grease...

  9. I lurrrrrrrrrve dim sum. In fact, since Chinese New Year is on Feb 3rd, we're going to have dim sum as a family to ring in the new year.
    p/s, I'm hosting a $100 Shopbop Giftcard Giveaway on my blog. come check it out some time.