Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OOTD: rainy relaxing day

What do you like to do on rainy days?  I am making some soup for dinner and putting around the house.  Not much else to do but I am enjoying the quiet.  Rachael came over for lunch and we had a nice chat.  It is nice to catch up with people and just hang out doing nothing (but eat lunch that is!).

Warm and cozy, feeling slightly ballerina-like with my hair pulled back.  Not that I am graceful or ballerina-like in person.  I did take ballet when I was a munchkin, but I think that was more like a "let's humor Jess and see how she does".  Not so well from what I remember, but I enjoyed it.

 Joe's jeans -anthro, Seychelles At Last boots, Jcrew perfect fit tee in rust, Knitted & Knotted cardigan - anthro

Does anyone know the name of this cardigan?  It was the last one in a store around September 2010.

The buttons and sparkles make this cardigan special for me.  Bling bling!


  1. Such a great OOTD. It's so fun to get dressed up, but usually just as fun to find an outfit that keeps us comfy and happy <3

  2. Those boots are gorgeous! Lovely look!

  3. Hi Jess, That is The Diamond Dust Cardi. Isn't it wonderful to kick back with a friend on a rainy day. Hope you had fun NYE. You always look great. Love the layering. And the color of your boots. Tim did a wonderful job on the new header. I love the text. So pretty! Just like you.

  4. Hey there Jess - what a lovely blog! I'm a new follower, hope you don't mind! I love that cardigan, so warm and cozy with those gorgeous boots! Great colors together - love them! :)

  5. Thanks Array! yes sometimes comfy wins over everything else hehe.

    Hi Viktoria! Thank you very much!

    Aw thank you Laura, you are much too sweet! Heh for NYE we were in bed by 11pm, fast asleep! Until we got text messages waking us up at 12-1230am :(

    Hi Mandy! Of course I don't mind! Thank you very much! Nice to meet you too :)