Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Anthropologie look-a-likes + Outfit of the Day

We all know that Forever21 has a habit of mimicking other brands and stores, so I was curious to see if I could find any look-a-likes to Anthropologie.  Of course the downside is that the quality is not the same, but if you look close enough, you can find some items which are not bad given the price point.

Please keep in mind, none of these are the same, but they did remind me of pieces I have seen/and or tried on before.

What I wore today. Compeer dress, target boots, Forever21 belt, scarf from Anthropologie.
The cut of this floral dress ($28.80 CAD) is the same as the Kingston Road Dress ($99 CAD) perhaps a bit shorter though?
I can't find it online, but it looked to be a newer arrival to me. A pretty green with a bit of grey, with a floral print all over. Like the Kingston Road Dress, you need a bit more on top to fill it out it seems. I am wearing a size medium.

Next up is this blazer ($27.90 CAD) It is from the Heritage 1981 line, which I admit is usually a bit too..preppy-grunge for me, but this caught my eye walking by. It totally reminded me of the En Route Blazer ($118 CAD)
The stripes on the Forever21 blazer are a bit wider, and it is double-breasted, but both are knit, cropped, and look adorable with the cuffs turned up. Both the small and medium fit, but the small was a bit too tights in the arms. I really appreciated the fact that they matched the side seams up, and that the blazer is lined with navy on the inside.

 The next two are just random things I tried on.
 Geometric patterned maxi dress. Looked horrible without the belt. Pretty pattern and length though. $35.80 CAD I think?

This shirt seemed nice on the hanger. The pretty mint colour caught my eye.
Wearing a medium. The lace is nice, but not really for me for some reason? Can't remember the price of it for the life of me, likely around $25 CAD?

 As you can see, the back is sheer, but the front is lined. Carly, I think you would like the colour of this one.

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