Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vancouver Anthropologie Grand Opening Private Party

I thought some of you might be interested in a little review of the new Vancouver Anthropologie store. Warning, there are a bunch of photos.

 I happened to be on facebook at the right time and was able to get two tickets to their grand opening private party. This one was on Saturday night and featured great food to nibble on, drinks, and two fantastic musicians, Nat J and T. Nile. Both girls were lovely, and I would recommend checking them out.

 Across the street, the netting is pretty cool. Very west coast.

First stop? The Sale room. Located on the top floor, its a bit crowded. That pretty blond girl was my +1 for the evening. Thanks Viv!

Some adorable giraffe planters in the Sale room. There were quite a lot of animals actually...

Some sheep...

Some birds (drawer pulls, too cute)...

And some owls (more drawer pulls).

After some more browsing through the store we headed to the dressing rooms.

Are they not just adorable? The mis-matched legs on the stools are a nice touch.

The texture of the walls really impressed me, imprinted stucco I think?

 This dress was my favourite thing that I tried on.

 What I ended up wearing. It worked out great, I didn't feel over dressed. It was nice too to see people decked out in Anthropologie pieces. I recognized quite a few of them!

 After a bit more browsing and listening to the girls perform, we called it a night. It was a great evening and thanks for the party Anthropologie! I will definitely be back again to check out the store, most likely after the next tag sale. There were quite a few things I was interested in, like that one dress...

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