Saturday, May 14, 2011

Forever21 Lace dress review + Outfit of the Day

I had heard that there was a lace dress brought back to Forever21 that was pretty popular in the blogging sphere last year. I was on a mission to track it down.

What I wore for the hunt.
Aha! I found it. First impression? Nice ivory colour, a bit short. This is the medium size.It has a fairly boxy fit, but I can see the potential. With a leather jacket, drapey cardigan, or a nice statement necklace, it would be cute. I think I would wear it as a tunic though, bit too short for me otherwise.

Can see the extra fabric on the sides by my hand/hip. Price is around $35 CAD.

 Also tried on this peach and white dress from the Love21 line. It comes with a side zipper, and the white portion is thick, so won't show undergarments. Cute summer dress, didn't really wow me though.

Thank you everyone for voting this week.  I was left with a tie between the Golden Lights dress and the Zachary's Smile dress, so you will have to wait for pictures for my choice. 

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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