Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Birthday Post

Ah that time of year that comes by...well once a year. It is a bit melancholy to be away from my friends and family in Canada this year (and my mom down south), but I had a great day at work with a birthday banana cream pie and fried rice. We also went out last night to have a meal with another couple we have grown close to, and that was great. Almond milk bubble tea is my new favorite.

In honor of my birthday, I took myself shopping. Had a coupon for 30% off at my local thrift store, so I enjoyed a nice afternoon off there browsing and looking around. I was very thrilled to find an ivory JCrew Victoria Ruffle Camisole for $1.79, and a coral JCrew Jackie Cardigan for $3.99. I loved the camisole when they first came out, but didn't manage to get one on sale. The pants were another find, Banana Republic beige herringbone wool lined trousers for $5.99. Hurray a new outfit for under $12.

Camisole - JCrew "Victoria Ruffle" - thrift
Cardigan - JCrew "Jackie" - thrift
Pants - Banana Republic - thrift

 And a rare face shot, taken nice and early, around 6:30 this morning.

Happy birthday shout outs to my fellow April 5th-ers, Jess over at Consume or Consumed, and AmyK over at KelindaKELINDA! Hurray for the Aries in the blogging world :)

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