Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Doing the Black and Brown Thing

Hello bloggy world, trying to get back into my posting groove, fingers crossed! 

Here is today's outfit of the day.
 Striped Knit Blazer - Forever21
Trousers- Anthropolgie "Cartonnier" brand 
Shirt - Ann Taylor
Necklace - Gift from Rachael (this post is for you dear)

I wish I had a stock picture of these pants, but I couldn't find what they were called online. They have an awesome plaid lining and a thick cummerbund style waist, with 4 buttons/tabs on the front. Best part? Mint condition thrift find for $7.99. 

Dear local person who keeps donating things in my size and style, please keep doing so, I am rather enjoying the things you pass up.

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