Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thrifting Finds: Fabric, and Lace, and Boots, oh my!

There is a pretty large thrift store down the street from me, and while they might not always have the best price, the fact that they are central in the city does mean they get a large amount of stock all the time. I had an errand to run yesterday, so popped in to see if they had any fabric there. 

Turns out that they do. And for pretty decent prices. Of course they don't have a wide range, but they did have a few gems that caught my eye. If I was looking for something specific, I would have been disappointed, but I think I want to find the fabric, then create with it, as opposed to thinking of something, then go looking for fabric.

What I liked:
 A lace, a stripe, a multi-colored knit with a tiny row of sequins.

 Close up. The lace will be perfect for trim, it has rows of solid fabric, with the lace in-between.The knit I have a great plan for already.

And picked these up for $6. Vintage leather boots with an embossed front. I will put a new insole in, because that is slightly icky otherwise for me.
 Happy weekend everyone!

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