Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Jess (or Grace?) Likes: A shopping trip?

So my in-laws have been in town this week from Taiwan. We took them down to Oregon to go and see Crater Lake, and after traveling approximately 1000 miles round trip, we just wanted to relax today. Apparently that meant spending time in downtown Seattle. Lots of walking done in the last week. We walked past the Anthropologie, and Grace (mother-in-law) wanted to go inside. Sure! It seems that the 25% off sale was still going on?
These are what Grace picked out for me:

Beaded Foliage Shift - by Rina Dhaka

 The beading on the bottom really caught her eyes, she lit up when she saw the detailing.

Deciduous Pullover in grey - by Postmark. The material is very soft, and the back forms into a great v with a bow at the top. 

I love what she picked out, and it was even nicer to spend time 1-on-1 with her.

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