Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Outfit of the Day: I (heart) my boots

I picked these up during the summer on super sale, now it is boot weather! I am used to wearing boots that come up to the knee (or higher), but I am loving the length of these. I also like that I can adjust the width of these, so they fit my calves snugly, which means no gaping. Plus, they are lined in "fur", so hurray! Warm and toasty feet.

Jcrew merino sweater dress, Old Navy boyfriend cardigan, H&M lace scarf, random tights, Kelsi Dagger Mashita boots.

I was all excited to take photos today, then looked outside, it is pouring. Thankfully I have a spot under the eaves. 

 I didn't know this when I got these, but apparently Anthropologie carried them as the Taiga Oxford Boots. Not sure if they were popular or not, only 3 reviews for them. I (heart) them though.

 You can see them on JG here. I crossed my laces in the front, but hers show how they originally came. I think they are adorable on her, and her pictures show the wingtip detailing, and color better.

 My in-laws are coming this weekend, so I have been busy fixing things around the house. Oh who caulked the bathtub yesterday? I did! But the silicone was clear, which I didn't know (I thought it might dry opaque in the end, silly me), so I am not thrilled. It will definitely be redone within the month with white caulk.

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