Friday, October 14, 2011

What Jess Likes: Free People

A few fall goodies that I like (but more for inspiration then anything else, Free People is a bit pricey).

 Dreamy Cashmere Tunic - $228.00 US
Ouch at the price, but so cozy looking, I would pair similar to the model, minus the hat and knee high black flat boots and chunky oatmeal cardigan over top.

I will take this whole outfit, minus the hat (ok what is with these hats? Not liking them), and the bag. The dress might be a smidgen nightgown-like, but comfort is key eh?

Lace Blazer (in Green) - $148 US
The blazer caught my eye at first, but again, I like the whole outfit. I'll take one of each please. Are you listening Santa?

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