Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I don't have a good title today...

Ninja edit: it is also World AIDs Day.  Want an easy way to support? Stop by any starbucks and they will donate 5 cents of each handcrafted beverage to the AIDs fund.

Today is one of the "Pay it Forward Days".  Remember that movie with Haley Joel Osment?  Same idea, do something random and good for a stranger.  I am not sure what I will do yet, but hopefully when running errands, something will present itself.  Doing my roommate's dishes does not quite cut the mustard.  Now doing a stranger's dishes would, but I don't think knocking on someones door and offering to do dishes would be the best idea ever.

Wish I had a catchy title today but I don't.  Can anyone help me out?   That could be your random act of kindness!

Note to self: overcast weather = bad lighting, lesson learned.

 Jacob dress/tunic (It would be a dress on a shorter person, or maybe during the summer)
Hayden Harnett Riding boots
Danier ponte+leather leggings (first time wearing, kinda outside the box for me, but I can't stand the feel of the pleather ones)
Same old gap cardigan, are you tired of it yet? I swear I don't wear it everyday


  1. Cute look!! I'm such a sweater person. Yours looks so comfy, but so great with that dress!

    I don't have a title for you, but I will say that Pay It Forward makes me cry every time. That says a lot because I am NOT a crier!

  2. You know, I haven't seen Pay it Forward, so i have no idea what it's about! Most of the time, people come up to me on the street asking for directions, so i guess that's my good deed involving strangers :-)
    Your Gap cardi is perfect with your dress and boots. I can never be tired of anything that looks great on you :-)

  3. Amazing! Did you plan your outfit to emulate the ivy covered tree? The Tunic print looks like the Ivy and your well loved Green Cardi is the tree. You should have raised your arms up like branches. Am I just a crazy woman for seeing the resemblance between you and your backdrop. You blend in like a Wood Nymph. I'm dying to know if the ivy and tree were your inspiration. That tree is fantastic. But I can't get a Title out if it. I have to write my posts before I can give them a title.

  4. yooo hooo cutie pie.. great outfit!!

    I tagged you to answer some questions for us!!!

    happy weekend!! xoxox j

  5. Thanks Viktoria! Have you seen Up? I bet that would make you cry hehe.

    Hi Jen! I think that is nice of you to help out those people :) And thanks, I am glad the sweater is not boring you hehe

    Nope you are not a crazy woman Laura! But I did not plan the outfit to the tree hehe, I guess I could pass it off as such though :P

    Thanks Jodi for both the comment and the tagging! I am so thrilled :D