Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All wrapped up

It is supposed to snow again tonight, but I hope that it stays really sparse.  I have many plans for the rest of the week, and too much snow not work for me.  Of course the weather will revolve around what I want, why wouldn't it?

I ran into an old friend yesterday at work, and it was so nice to see her!  She recently became engaged and has started her own business.  We talked about how marriage and children and PTA meetings are creeping up on us, and how it seems so soon, but it really is about that time for adult things.  It feels like we just graduated from high school, but that was almost 10 years ago, time is flying.  Tim and I have also started to look at more real estate down in Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue.  The prices in the states are so much lower then up here, I can't wait till we get our own place together!

Off to help paint some display windows today with Rachael's work, should be fun, though apparently we have to paint within the lines, where is the fun in that!  Silly rules...

 Gap heathered olive cardigan worn wrap style, Romeo & Juliet skinny black jeans (winners for $16!), target over the knee socks scrunched down, Hayden Harnett boots and corset belt.
Love this belt, but it is a smidgen too big on me, so I tend to wear it over bulky sweaters etc.  I wore this cardigan + belt over my compeer dress and love the outfit, but it is a bit too chilly out.


  1. I love this look. It shows off your cute figure! I really should invest in some belts like this!

    Also, please send the snow to the south!!! What I would do for a winter storm right now.

  2. Oo, I just bought that same Gap cardigan this weekend (along with black and grey). What a great way to wear it!

    Love the pop of colour with the belt.

  3. Aw thanks Viktoria! I love wide belts, I think they would look great on you too :) And yes, I will send snow your way, or at least the cold air hehe.

    Haha that is funny Overcaffeinated, I am living in this sweater for the last month, they style seems to work with everything, and it is just so soft and warm. I hope you get a lot of use out of yours too!

  4. Jess,

    Adore the Yellow Belt. Where did you get it?

    You know I have been working on using belts lately. I still have a difficult time with the descision to BELT or Not to BELT.

    You must have a tiny little waist. You look warm and cozy.

  5. I love that belt, its a brilliant match to any outfit! You look greaT!



  6. OKAY this is a seriously awesome look on you!! very chic and stylish, I love that belt. Send it to me. NOW! lol and its awesome with the boots and the high socks.. I havent tried the high socks idea.. maybe thats a way to spice up the ol loyal boots I wear day in and day out...

    anyway, you look great!! and it doesnt matter how old you are, if you dont have kids people want you to have kids, if youre not yet married they ask when are you getting married.. it never ends!!! xoxo J

  7. Hehee...yes, as soon as I reached my mid-twenties, I felt the pressure to settle down and have kids :-) Now that i am married, there doesn't seem to be much of a rush anymore. Kids can wait!! Scary reallY!
    Love your stylish outfit. The belt looks awesome with the top!

  8. Laura, the belt is from Hayden Harnett. woodgrain corset belt. I think it pops on ebay now and then still? I really like when you decide to belt things, I think it works great on you :)

    Aw thanks 20 york street! I hope to wear the belt more now-a-days.

    Hehe Jodi, if it ever parts my way, I will send it your way for sure! Well I do want 1 kid, but that's not for awhile, need to settle down, move, get a new job, travel a bit etc...etc...

    Thanks vintageglammz! :D