Monday, November 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Christmas Lights!
Super duper awesome friend and roomie Brian put up the Christmas lights today!

Here is my tribute to the lights (I warn you, I am not a film maker, lots of artistic impression here, also there  is sound, so if you need to, turn down the volume)


  1. know it's christmas when you spot those lights on someone's house from a mile away !! good job!

  2. Hey Cutie.. I love you outfit from the last post!! LOVE the jacket.. where did you get that? it rocks and the color is a good color on you!! How are ya? brrr cold today so am working from home.. (in sweats, dont tell them on my blog or they will stone me :).. hah hah

    I like this weather actually, its just annoying when it hits unexpectedly!!

    cheerio!! j

  3. Thanks dears :) No one else has their lights up yet, but soon!

    Thanks Jodi! The jacket is from anthropologie, the well-wisher jacket. Ahh sweats, love those days, and your secret is safe in my little corner of the blogging world :)