Sunday, November 21, 2010

A bit different...but not really?

Oh another day with pants on!  I am feeling lazy, tights are too much jeans it is.  I do not think boyfriend style jeans are the most flattering cut for my shape, but they are super comfy and feel like warm fuzzy pajamas, so that is good enough for me.  I wore them a lot during the summer with flat sandals and fitted shirts on top, so this is a bit of different take on them.

I also found a good indoor spot to take pictures I think, except for the picture behind me.  Adds some colour though for those days I wear all black?

AG boyfriend jeans ($9.99), navy long sleeved t-shirt, Well-Wisher jacket Anthropologie ($39.99), Sweater-cuffed booties Schuler & Sons


  1. Aww, that's a cute jacket Jess! I think a jacket with ruffles like that needs to be worn with something simple down below - which is exactly what you did :-)
    Great spot to take indoor pictures too!

  2. Jess, Adore the Well Wisher on you. And the outfit is perfect with the Boyfriend Jeans. I thought about ordering that Jacket several times.

    You're also wearing the Schuler and Sons Sister Booties to my Three Times Booties. Your Booties were the ones that went with my Christmas Outfit last year. I went with the Bouquet of Roses Heels instead.

    I'm very curious to see which Anthro Outfit you are interested inn for you Co Christmas Party. A hint please! Or are you undecided?

  3. Aw thanks vintageglammz :) It is a very ruffly jacket, almost too much hehe

    Thanks Laura :) hmmmm for a hint....November 2009 catalog? that's not a big hint...

  4. psst Laura, go read your comments, something funny :P