Saturday, November 20, 2010

It Snowed!

Well snow has finally touched down here but it is almost gone, melting away.  It was really nice to wake up this morning to all the white, made the start of the day seem so bright and cheery.

It has been a very busy and slightly stressful week, but I have the weekend off, and I am trying my best to enjoy it as much as possible.  I might go and try to get some Christmas shopping done tomorrow.  We are not having a big holiday this year, and most of the present for people will be ordered online since my family is pretty scattered.  I do need to pick up a secret Santa gift, and few little things here and there though.  I am usually a last minute shopper, so every year I keep on trying to get it done early, doesn't always work though!

The weather just makes me want to put on soft and warm clothing.  All of these pieces are repeats, except for the silk shell (Jcrew).


  1. So jealous of the snow! I will be lucky if I see flurries this winter. Lovely silk top!

  2. look at you all cozy!! no snow here..just wild and vicious WIND... oh my hands froze doing my pics today.. and all in the name of photography and fashion!! people were being blown past me in parka's and I'm out there with a light sweater.. somethings wrong with this picture... :)


  3. Can you believe i've never touched snow. Ever. It doesn't snow here in Sydney and I've never been to place where it snowed.
    Your outfit is very suited to your chilly weather. That Jcrew silk blouse adds a bit of femininity to your cozy emsemble :-)

  4. Aww really Viktoria? I like the snow, but not when it is a crazy amount. Thank you :)

    Ah I understand Jodi lol, sometimes we do silly things for fashion and fun! Yup, very cozy!

    Oh wow, I guess that makes total sense about the snow Vintageglammz. We get a fair amount of snow on the west coast here, but not too too much. Thank you!

  5. Jess,

    Yipee for snow. CA ski resorts are in operation. Bako gets snow about once every 10 years. But I can drive for 45 minutes in three directions and find some.

    I love the Oxfords you are wearing. Are they flats? You didn't play the items name game. Shame on you Jess! You know you aren't allowed to skip that step. I need me some shoe info.

    I am such a kidder! You look ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

  6. eeks sorry Laura! Those are the sweater cuffed booties from anthro last year :D, heeled ones. Oh yes, definitely relaxing a bunch this weekend!