Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I am really liking: Steadfast and Whimsy skirt

So this is a bit outside of my normal tastes, but this skirt really has my attention.  The colours are great, I have mad love for plaid, and I am pretty sure no one else around here will be wearing the same thing as me.

I know, it looks really weird on the mannequin, here is a another picture.

So I am not as tall as the model, but 5 ft 6, that's not short, I have boots similar to those, the perfect leather jacket to wear on top...oh skirt, you might end up being mine one day....


  1. This is really cute.. I could see this on you!!!

  2. I love plaid too jess, and i think this skirt would be perfect on your tall slender figure!

  3. Oh good! Thanks for the affirmation :D