Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day

First off, thank you for all those who have given their lives to serve their fellow countrymen.  Regardless of where you are or where you have served, thank you so much. 

Although I have not been blogging very long, I have noticed that many bloggers give back to many different societies and efforts.  Cindi from Simply Cindi has been encouraging people to wear purple in support of pancreatic cancer (in remembrance of her late father-in-law) so today I reached for my purple cardigan and also a new ring I picked up last weekend.

Purple cardigan -Jacob/ Joe's Jeans -anthro ($9.99)/ Brown shirt - RW&Co (I think it was $3.24?)/ Green double strap Maryjanes - Payless ($14.99)

 New ring from The Bay.  It is slightly huge, but that's why I like it.


  1. This outfit screams "autumn" to me. It's perfect! Love those Mary Janes!!

  2. omg those shoes are so cute!!! I honestly thought they were from Anthro or something. Never would have guessed Payless.

    Hooray for wearing purple! The outfit feels very regal with the purple and the rust-colored shirt.


  3. Jess,

    Yay for wearing Purple! The combination of Purple, Rust and Green are so Autumn. I don't often see you wearing trousers. So yay to comfortable pants.

    Can't believe the Payless shoes were $15. What a bargain. Like Lori I thought they were from Anthro.

  4. Good work working the purple Jess! I love your new ring too - it looks vintage, and yes...big! definitely a statement ring :-)
    I love payless shoes too! We have payless stores here in oz - i frequent them whenever i visit a mall. The shoes are on the cheap, and often just as comfy as pricier ones!

  5. You could of blogged about your sisters wedding on 11/11..HAHA just kidding.