Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shades of Grey

In honour of the grey skies today, I am wearing shades of grey.  A bit monochromatic, but I think the purple skirt and brown boots breaks it up a little.  Speaking of, is it grey or gray?  Spellchecker on blogger always wants to correct my British version of words.  So far it is a pretty boring Thursday, I think the most exciting thing is that fiance will be in town tomorrow, so I am cleaning house and making plans for the weekend.

Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend? Fabulous parties or wild trips?  

The lawn maintenance people came today, no more pretty blanket of leaves on the ground.

Jcrew cord skirt/ Hayden Harnett riding boots/ Grey cardigan from my sister/ Grey leggings by Hue/ Grey v-neck shirt (unknown)

At least the leaves on the tree are plenty.


  1. well.. I just wore purple and brown the other day in Quebec.. I really like the color combo actually, I wouldnt have thought of it if I didnt get all these great ideas from other peoples blogs!!!

    As for the weekend.. well, my weekends always consist of: Saturday morning: Bike training, Sunday: run training, then the rest of the days are for cleaning, raking, baking, making up outfits for the upcoming week... nothing special. OH, I have a photoshoot with a friend-- I am really having fun snapping pics of people and they are really loving it too...!!

    maybe I can do some for you sometime in Vancouver.. wouldnt that just be too cool!! A bloggers collaboration!! alrighty off I go to make dinner for the (almost) husband!! ciao, j

  2. Jess,

    I love Purple with Grey. Speaking of Grey skies, I wish I had a few here. It's been in the mid 80's all week.

    You can use either version! Grey or Gray! They are both correct.

    Your photo is dark. Can't see it very well. But you always look great. Especially when you wear your Hayden and Hartnett boots. The color seems to go with everything.

    Nothing exciting for me this weekend. Maybe a lot of Blog reviews. Hey those are exciting.

    Hope you have a fun weekend with your Fiance.


  3. Was that a xmas present I gave you??? I was like....When the H did I get that for her???