Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One of those days...

I hate those days when you stare at the closet and you know you have things to wear, but nothing seems to be right.  I usually either end up hating what I wear that day, or just reach for something that always seem to have worked ok in the past.  Today was an "ok day".

I picked this dress up two years ago, and every year it becomes a fall and winter staple for me.  It is merino wool so keeps me cozy, is not clingy, and the colour is nice and vibrant.  I really like sweater dresses but sometimes they are just too clingy and hug in the wrong places.  It makes me feel like a sausage, all squished in and pushing out on the sides.  Not a good feeling.

Jcrew merino sweater dress/ Urban Outfitters ruffle vest/ Jcrew scattered locket necklace/ Hayden Harnett riding boots

Love taking pictures in the backyard right now, all the pretty colours of the leaves.  It makes me want to run to a forest and take pictures there, though they are all a bit of a distance away.


  1. I can tell why that dress is a staple! It looks awesome with the vest! I love the print!!

  2. Jess, I ALWAYS have those kinds of days too! I have a lot of clothes, but it always feels like i have nothing to wear! I really like your outfit, the ruffle vest adds a nice touch!

  3. Jess,

    I feel that way a lot. Especially on days when I have nothing new to wear. Those are the days that I go through my older cloths and try to re-style with some of my newer stuff. Sometimes it works, other times it's a no go.

    I adore Merino Wool. I have a few things made from it. It's about the only wool I can bare next to my skin. So I bet that dress is awesome to wear in Winter.

    The dress is super cute with the ruffled vest and your Hayden and Hartnett boots.


  4. that is such a cool UO vest! I had to zoom in on the pic, and I still have a hard time believing that dress is a sweater dress! It looks so thin and light relative to a lot of sweater dresses (which is awesome). :)