Friday, October 29, 2010

Joy! It is Friday!

Yay! Friday! oh is my Sunday.  That is ok though, Halloween is this weekend, and we get to dress up at work on Sunday, and see all the cute kids in their costumes.  We do not get many trick or treaters at my house anymore, but apparently it is still going strong in other parts of the city.  This makes me happy, I hope when I have children I can take them trick or treating.

The shepard's pie I made last night turned out great.  I ended up not adding the turnips, instead I mixed a yam into the mashed potatoes on top and they were delicious.  It added a bit more texture to the potatoes, and also made them a really pale orange colour.  Pretty and tasty, if not a bit strange looking.
You must all be sick of this belt, but I find it just works for so many things, I would love to find something similar in black, grey, or cognac.  Anyone know of any leather (or fake) obi belts, under $30?
Gathered Alyssum dress- anthro/ Maru sash - Anthro/ cardigan & cami - F21/ green leggigns - Sirens/ Zelda boots (turned down for once!) &  Joey cuff - Hayden Harnett

Bonus pic!
Trail run for Halloween (for work!) I needed something that wouldn't interfere with work, and easy.  You can see the outline testing area etc.  I used just regular makeup for this, will pick up some Halloween makeup to be a bit bolder and cleaner
What are you all doing for Halloween, any costumes?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello baseboard heaters, aren't you just stylish! seems the normal rainy Vancouver weather has finally hit home, and I wan just getting used to the sunny and clear days.  I do like the rain, it's just not that conducive for picture taking, so for this week I am trying out different spots around the house.  Have no fears, the pictures are taken before I go outside, so no wet and dirty shoes on the carpet!

Plan for today are grocery shopping, laundry, and making Shepard's Pie for dinner tonight.  I have a whole bunch of baby turnips to use up, so I think I will include a layer of mashed turnips underneath the potatoes.  Never done before, but the combination seems like it would work well.  Oh, and served with pickled beets!  No one else in the house likes beets, do any of you?  I think they are highly underrated root vegetables.

Now for the title, baseboard heaters are making their appearance today.  Sleek and metallic, the perfect fall accessory.

Shawl collar sweater -BR outlet/ black skinnies - Winners/ Matiko Sudi cutoutboots/ Multi-chain necklace - F21/ Green feather headband- The bay 

 Hand goes swish!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lingering Rays

Oh what a busy weekend to the start of the week.  Lots of funny work schedules that are preventing me from taking pictures outdoors, and I am not sure of a good spot in the house yet.  No one wants pictures with baseboard heaters and the like, so the hunt continues!  Taking pictures inside is a bit more challenging for me, since the outdoors always has such great colours and backgrounds.

One of the best part of fall and winter for me is to be able to wear hats.  Hats are great when you are having a bad hair day, and can make you look polished with so very little effort.  I am always on the hunt for a great hat, anyone else?

Lingering Rays Skirt -anthro/ heathered olive cardigan- gap/ yellow cami - f21/ hat- The Bay (thanks rach!)/ necklace - jcrew

Look at how many leaves are falling! Love the colours.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Short and Simple outfit of the day

Today is another day off, lunch with friends, poke around in some shops, do some housework, all in all will be a great day.  I think I have finally figured out that my go-to outfit is a dress, sweater or jacket, and boots.  The outfits are always very comfortable and I feel good in them.  Also, if it decides to rain, my feet always stay dry, which is a big plus for the lower mainland.

This photo was taken rather quickly, in fact,  I only was able to get two shots done.  My room-mate is home today, and I have yet to break the news to him that I run into the backyard and take numerous photos of myself on a fairly consistent basis.  One day he will know, if he ever finds this blog.  It might actually be a plus, since he is a very skilled photographer, but I find it hard enough to take photos by myself, let alone smile for other people on camera.

On an outfit related side bit, I really do enjoy the promotions that the Gap offers on Wednesdays.  The one near my work recently had 40% off of everything in the store, including sale items.  So if you look really hard, you can find some great deals.  (Not affiliated, just really like to share deals!)

Gap printed ruffle dress
Gap heathered olive green wool shawl cardigan
Jcrew scattered locket necklace
Corset belt (random mall shop)
Target over the knee socks (cream with gold flecks)
Hayden Harnett Brandy Madeleine boots

Success: Beef Fajitas!

Update on last night's dinner: it worked!  I cooked a small flank steak in the slow-cooker with a few tomatoes, lots of spices (cumin, chili, fajita seasoning mix from Texas), onions, and garlic.  The result was the most tender, fall apart beef spiced up all nicely for the fajitas.  The tomatoes acted as a nice filler and helped to round out the flavour.  I will definitely use this as my stand-by method for beef now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wear Purple Day

First off, I apologize for the lack of posting in the last few days.  I was working the weekend shifts at work, and by the time I was done for the day, I just wanted to crawl into pjs and relax.  Weekends are always super hectic at work.  The plus side is the day goes by super fast, the downside is being tired.  To make up for it, I have a bevy of pictures today!  The weather is simply gorgeous and I didn't know which pictures to use, so you get them all!  

Oh and I am super excited about dinner tonight.  I like to make beef fajitas, but I always over cook the beef so it gets tough, and that really is not very tasty.  I found a recipe for making the beef in the slow cooker, so that is quietly cooking away right now.  I will report back on the findings later.

In honour of Wear Purple Day, I am wearing, well, purple.  I was thinking to myself "hmmm Jess, you do not own much purple"  but that is really not true, I have more then I thought!  So today is a purple sweater, purple socks (which you can't see) purple in my dress, and I really think that is some light, my boots take on a purple-ish tone.

Chromatic Canvas Dress (a steal at $30!) -Floreat/ Jacob Cardigan/ FarylRobin Bounder Boots/ Maru Sash

I originally fell in love with the Frye lace up boots from 2 years ago, but out of my price range.  Then one day my friend Vivienne took me to a consignment store in West Vancouver called Second Suit (I think?) and I found these there, almost perfect condition. Thank you Vivienne!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Galileo Galileo let me go

Not really a Queen fan, but the title just seemed oh so appropriate.  It's one of my days off today, so I am being lazy and I have a rump roast in the slow-cooker for dinner tonight.  Also did some house keeping, and work on a painting for my friend Vivienne. I was also thinking about making up some sort of carrot cake muffin or loaf?  When I went to the vegetable store yesterday they had a huge bag of irregular shaped carrots for $1.  I love irregular shaped vegetables, they are usually on sale, taste just as good, and since you usually cut them up anyways, they do not make a difference in cooking.

Does anyone have a really tasty recipe for carrot cake loaf?  I was thinking that might be a tasty and sweet way to use up some of the carrots.

I received this dress at the end of the summer, and had not worn it yet.  It is by Hayden Harnett and called the Galileo Dress.  I had not worn it yet because it is a bit low cut and I felt exposed, but now that the weather is a bit cooler, I can use it as a layering piece.  The cut of the dress is fantastic, nips in at the waist just so, and the length is perfect.  The middle of the dress has trapunto detailing with a diamond and then a starburst formation.  I will definitely be reaching for this dress more in the next few months. 

Galileo dress - Hayden Harnett
Hayden Harnett Zelda boots in Brandy
Navy blue v-neck - Club Monaco
Green and Blue stone necklace - my mother's co-worker I think?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mellow Yellow

Ah mustard yellow, such a pretty colour.  Looks great on hamburgers and hotdogs, so why not people.  Weather took a serious turn today, rained most of the day, clearing just after I got home.  I think this is the start of the normal Vancouver weather, rain, rain, and little bit of sun here and there.  

I think this year I am going to invest in a new umbrella.  My current one is a crazy mustard yellow and green paisley one, and I am thinking it is time for a more...neutral coloured one.  I wonder if I can find a nice brown one, since that would be most complimentary to my outerwear.  Currently it is one big clashing party of colours whenever it is raining.

So when I dropped my camera, I was pretty sure it was done for, but as it turns out, the bottom corner button must have been jammed, and since I noticed that, the camera has been acting almost 100% normal.  I can even zoom for the most part.  That would have been unfortunate if the camera died just as I was getting the hang of blogging.  I could always resort to using promotional pictures, but knowing my luck, I would not be able to track down the pictures I want.

 Gap mustard yellow cords
Edme & Esyllte ivory blouse
Forever21 multi-chai necklace
Ann Taylor Loft cardigan
Schuler & Sons booties

Happy Thursday! One more day until the weekend for you Monday to Friday workers!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lace & Ruffles

I am absolutely loving this time of year, cold enough to wear layers, warm enough to not have to hide under heavy jackets and clothes built more for warmth then style.  You can smell the crispness in the air, and the mornings are just so sunny and gorgeous.  I am sure that in a few weeks this will all be gone, but for now I will enjoy the fall colours, sounds, and scents.

Oh who doesn't love a little lace here and there?  Timeless and romantic, it can be overwhelming sometimes, but then again, lace wedding dresses are usually gorgeous.  And ruffles?  Well give me ruffles and I am a happy girl.  If my work uniform could have ruffles on it, I think I would enjoy getting dressed for work a little bit more. 

Ann Taylor Loft lace skirt
Ruffled sweater (or jacket?) from Target
Corso Como Theresa boots in Vienna

The back of the sweater has a nice touch too.

Do you have a favourite piece of lace clothing? If so, how do you wear it?  I have heard that it is best to play down the girlishness of lace, but when I tried, it looked off on me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Knitted & Knotted & Errands oh my!

Hi everyone! So today was a bit backwards, I went into work for a couple of hours, then met up with my friend Rachael for lunch, and ran some errands. Following that, I went home and got dressed for the day in non-work clothes.

If anyone is interested, London Drugs has a great deal on hair dye and shampoo. Buy any L'oreal colour (excluding Feria I think?) and get a free Vive shampoo with an in-store coupon. Since both were on my shopping list, I am a happy camper.

Today's outfit is a bit different compared to my other ones lately, I am wearing pants! I don't mind wearing jeans, but sometimes I have issues making them look girly enough for my preference. I think this outfit is a good balance of soft and hard (or edgy, or whatever you want to call it). Tim calls this my biker jacket, but I really love the drape, colour, and softness of it.

Danier dark grey asymmetrical leather jacket
Random black jeans from Winners
Booties from Spring (they have buttons + ruffles on the sides)
Knitted & Knotted tunic shirt (another catalog steal!)
Reitman's ivory, rose, and brass necklace

Without the jacket so you can see the side ruffles of the shirt. The shirt is bit overwhelming without the jacket, but I love the feeling of the knit and the detailing on it. Close up of the details and the brassy coloured thread running through it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Monday! (for Canadians)

Today is my turkey day! Well it is actually Cornish game hen day, but same idea, just on a smaller scale. I would love to have turkey, but that bird is just too darn big for one person, and getting a turkey breast is just not the same. On the menu tonight will be the little bird, asparagus, and saffron-onion risotto I think. I have never made a game hen before but I found a recipe that uses rosemary and lemon, so it looks promising.

In honour of the fall holiday, this skirt seemed very fitting. I don't wear it very often, mostly because I am stuck on how to wear it, but I am liking how this combination turned out. How do you incorporate pieces that you don't reach for very often? Go out and buy something that matches, or just make it work? I know you should not buy things without having them go with what you already have, which I do, just grew out of the other things that went with this skirt.

Floral skirt from H&M about 2 years ago?
Jcrew long-sleeved v-neck
Kimchi Blue ivory ruffled vest
Anthropologie maru sash
Anthropologie "road-not-taken" boots

Side view of the boots, I have serious love for the detailing on these, who cares if I look slightly crazy-cat lady with the mixing.

Close-up of the boots. These are one of my best deals ever on footwear. Original price was $278. Found online through an old catalog link for $20! Oh shoe deities rejoice! Came in perfect condition, made by Lucky Penny, very comfortable!

I hope everyone is having a great long-weekend (or a regular weekend), full of yummy food, friends, and family.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Brown and Blue

My colour palette for this outfit was based off of these shoes by Everybody. They are sold out at Anthropologie but I saw them in a brown and black colour scheme at a local shoe store. I was secretly hoping that no one else would like these shoes, and they would make it to a 2nd or 3rd cut and end up being $39.99 or so.

I love the colour combination of brown and blue. I think it allows for each colour to stand out, but not compete against each other. It is one of those combinations that you can find in nature, and they always seem to go together really well.

Today's picture is for my mother, who asked if anyone would ever get to see my face, so this is for you mom. I might end up changing the dress later in the day to the previously posted In a Twinkling dress for dinner tonight, just to add a bit of sparkle.

Outfit breakdown: Thrifted brown floral print dress ($6.99) It was floor length and with a very high neckline, which I altered into a v-neck and just above knee-length. Cameo necklace was $1.99 from a store near my work. Other bits are a repeat. Feeling a bit prairie home companion in this outfit!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Repeat repeat

What is the repeat? My cardigan. I was getting dressed this morning, and realized that the blue in the cardigan was perfect for picking up the blue in the dress, so yes, I repeated something two days in a row, oh noes! I actually do not mind doing so, since I wouldn't do it if I was seeing the same people two days in a row. I am pretty sure you don't mind either, just makes things that more realistic.

Taking pieces and re-working them in any wardrobe is something that is not only practical, but fun as well. If I stuck to this though, I would never have to buy anything for a long time, which would actually be a good idea. I think to be able to do this though, I would have to have all the basic necessities covered, and then work from there. This thought is always floating around in the back of my head, but does anyone actually stick to it? I would like to try a shopping ban, but I think I would have difficulty with it.

Forever21 Love21 dress (can't find online)
Hue footless grey tights
Schuler & Sons sweater-cuffed booties
Forever21 drape front cardigan

After taking the pictures, I realize that the tights are not the best match for these booties. Between the two, I am looking a bit stumpy, and at 5'6", I am not really that short. Also, I should keep my legs straight, that would help too.

The dress has this great shape with apron pockets on sides, and ruffle plackets running down the shoulders. It zips up the front and comes with a fabric belt. I wish I could find it online, but it seems to be a lost cause. The weather is a bit too chilly out today so I threw the cardigan on top. The booties are from Anthropologie last fall/winter and have really cute touches on them. I love the oxford detailing on them, and the buckle across the front.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bad blogger bad...

First of, so very sorry for the disappearing act. I went to go visit family in Edmonton last week, and there was not much to post about from there, I wore repeat outfits since I knew they worked, and mostly spent time with my sister and nieces. I had a great time, and I am super biased to say so, but my nieces are the cutest ever! Thank you Diana for letting me come and visit.

This outfit is for you Laura, I have wore the dress multiple times since having it, but never at an opportunity that had a camera around. Sad news though, I dropped my camera on the kitchen floor this morning, and the zoom button no longer works. The zoom is not too bad of a feature to kick the bucket I suppose, it could have been worse. Perhaps a new camera for Christmas? Maybe one with a remote control?

Compeer Dress: Frock! by Tracy Reese
Forever21 drape cardigan
Hayden Harnett Zelda boots

I am totally in love with this dress, and the ability to dress it up and down. The cardigan was a steal at $7.50 CND, and flows really nicely. The downside is that the material is a bit thin, but I really can't complain about that. These boots are a fall/winter staple for me, and I love how I can turn up the cuff if I want more coverage on my legs, or leave it turned down. I wish I had been able to purchase them in the grey shade as well, but the brown goes best with most of my wardrobe.

I apologize if the picture is not the best, but I loved how the sun was coming through the fence, and all the fall colours on the ground. Fall is my favourite season by far. I think it is the combination of being able to wear lots of layers, lush fabrics, the smell of the air, and how pretty everything is. What is your favourite season and why?