Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mellow Yellow

Ah mustard yellow, such a pretty colour.  Looks great on hamburgers and hotdogs, so why not people.  Weather took a serious turn today, rained most of the day, clearing just after I got home.  I think this is the start of the normal Vancouver weather, rain, rain, and little bit of sun here and there.  

I think this year I am going to invest in a new umbrella.  My current one is a crazy mustard yellow and green paisley one, and I am thinking it is time for a more...neutral coloured one.  I wonder if I can find a nice brown one, since that would be most complimentary to my outerwear.  Currently it is one big clashing party of colours whenever it is raining.

So when I dropped my camera, I was pretty sure it was done for, but as it turns out, the bottom corner button must have been jammed, and since I noticed that, the camera has been acting almost 100% normal.  I can even zoom for the most part.  That would have been unfortunate if the camera died just as I was getting the hang of blogging.  I could always resort to using promotional pictures, but knowing my luck, I would not be able to track down the pictures I want.

 Gap mustard yellow cords
Edme & Esyllte ivory blouse
Forever21 multi-chai necklace
Ann Taylor Loft cardigan
Schuler & Sons booties

Happy Thursday! One more day until the weekend for you Monday to Friday workers!


  1. Whoa Jess. Mustard alright.. great pants!! perfect color to shake up all the grey of rain.. ohhhh is that what I am coming back tooo?? Yes, the one thing I haven't done yet is take any pics in this kind of bad weather, and finding locations outside to keep the camera undercover... this will be fun (roll eyes!!)

  2. Jodi, the weather is gorgeous today! No idea what is happening with our weather system, but blue skies and sun today :)

  3. omg those pants are fantastic! I've been totally aching for some crazy bright pants (right now I'm searching for red), and these completely reinforce that quest.