Friday, October 8, 2010

Brown and Blue

My colour palette for this outfit was based off of these shoes by Everybody. They are sold out at Anthropologie but I saw them in a brown and black colour scheme at a local shoe store. I was secretly hoping that no one else would like these shoes, and they would make it to a 2nd or 3rd cut and end up being $39.99 or so.

I love the colour combination of brown and blue. I think it allows for each colour to stand out, but not compete against each other. It is one of those combinations that you can find in nature, and they always seem to go together really well.

Today's picture is for my mother, who asked if anyone would ever get to see my face, so this is for you mom. I might end up changing the dress later in the day to the previously posted In a Twinkling dress for dinner tonight, just to add a bit of sparkle.

Outfit breakdown: Thrifted brown floral print dress ($6.99) It was floor length and with a very high neckline, which I altered into a v-neck and just above knee-length. Cameo necklace was $1.99 from a store near my work. Other bits are a repeat. Feeling a bit prairie home companion in this outfit!


  1. Jess,

    Tell your Mom thank you for pulling the strings. Smart lady. Beautiful daughter. And I love the fact that you would overcome for the sake of your Mothers Request. You even pulled your hair back. Hope we see more of Jess from now on.

    Yeah for the de-constructed thrift dress. I am so lame with the sewing machine. I'm chicken to do more than hem. But I can whip up a marvel with a needle and thread.

    I vote for the In-A-Twinkling-Dress. And definately top it with the Blue Cardi. The Blue with your red hair is striking.

  2. YEAH mom, we can see Jess!! I love taking something and reworking it like you did with this dress, its cute and I cant tell the color of the polka dots but maybe it would look good with your other high boots too!!

    have a great weekend!!

  3. Cute! I love that you altered the dress to be more modern/young. I keep meaning to look at longer dresses with an eye toward shortening them. :)

  4. Hi Laura, I will pass the thank you on to my mom, she will be thrilled :) I did not end up changing, but I will keep that outfit idea floating around in my head for sure!

    Hi Jodi! The flowers are brown, so yes, they would go with them for sure :D Hope your weekend was great, how could it not be, you are still in Hawaii right?

    Hello Lori! I love altering things to make them work for me, I have a few winter dresses from anthropologie that I picked up for $9.99 that were a smidgen too big, but with a few darts here and there, they worked out great :)