Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Monday! (for Canadians)

Today is my turkey day! Well it is actually Cornish game hen day, but same idea, just on a smaller scale. I would love to have turkey, but that bird is just too darn big for one person, and getting a turkey breast is just not the same. On the menu tonight will be the little bird, asparagus, and saffron-onion risotto I think. I have never made a game hen before but I found a recipe that uses rosemary and lemon, so it looks promising.

In honour of the fall holiday, this skirt seemed very fitting. I don't wear it very often, mostly because I am stuck on how to wear it, but I am liking how this combination turned out. How do you incorporate pieces that you don't reach for very often? Go out and buy something that matches, or just make it work? I know you should not buy things without having them go with what you already have, which I do, just grew out of the other things that went with this skirt.

Floral skirt from H&M about 2 years ago?
Jcrew long-sleeved v-neck
Kimchi Blue ivory ruffled vest
Anthropologie maru sash
Anthropologie "road-not-taken" boots

Side view of the boots, I have serious love for the detailing on these, who cares if I look slightly crazy-cat lady with the mixing.

Close-up of the boots. These are one of my best deals ever on footwear. Original price was $278. Found online through an old catalog link for $20! Oh shoe deities rejoice! Came in perfect condition, made by Lucky Penny, very comfortable!

I hope everyone is having a great long-weekend (or a regular weekend), full of yummy food, friends, and family.


  1. Funky outfit.. it looks great!! I really like it.. the vest is super cute and I love that belt... the boots.. well.. I am a lover of all boots so of course these ones rock!! That looks like such West Coast Fall weather alright.. I do love this time of the year!!

    Hope its a great Thanksgiving for you too.. I answered you question about the race on my blog!! Thanks for asking!! hugs, j

  2. Omigosh, I am loooving this outfit! The colors are gorgeous together! You have a new follower!! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. Thanks Jodi, I replied on your blog :)

    Hi Viktoria! Awww thanks and yay! I am looking at your blog right now, I love the mix of food, clothes, and randomness. Your cat is too cute too!

  4. Jess,

    Happy Thanksgiving! Dinner sounds wonderful. I love Cornish Game Hen. When I was a kid we always had odd stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. One year we had a Tofu Turkey. Or Tofurkey as it's commonly called. My Mom made Leg-of-Lamb, Sushi, and London Broil. We also had Cornish Game Hen once. I'm a ham kinda of gal.

    Your outfit is a work of art today.

    The floral skirt is the night sky filled with stars, moons, planets. The vest is the big yellow moon overhead. The colors all work fabulous together. Your boots even fit into the picture. The trail of a comet.

    Don't you love catalog bargains. I just grabbed the very last Precious Materials Cardi in a small in an Anthro catalog. No as good a bargain as your boots. But still on sale.

    Enjoy your Game Hen Day!


  5. I <3 the Maru sash. It pulls together the top and skirt so well! Nice job!

    I'm confused what an old catalog link means? There are links in the catalog? lol, I think I'm like a child, I just look at the pictures....


  6. Aww thank you Laura, your post is lovely and I love how you described my outfit, you have a knack for words for sure. Great job with the precious metals cardigan!

    Thanks Lori! An old catalog link is when you go through the online catalog. Sometimes odd items are still available (usually in one size, one piece, for super great deals.) I have found things like Citizen of Humanity jeans, dresses, etc for $9.99.

  7. Hello Dotter this is the mother unit speaking - I think you clothes are the bee's knees :)