Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Knitted & Knotted & Errands oh my!

Hi everyone! So today was a bit backwards, I went into work for a couple of hours, then met up with my friend Rachael for lunch, and ran some errands. Following that, I went home and got dressed for the day in non-work clothes.

If anyone is interested, London Drugs has a great deal on hair dye and shampoo. Buy any L'oreal colour (excluding Feria I think?) and get a free Vive shampoo with an in-store coupon. Since both were on my shopping list, I am a happy camper.

Today's outfit is a bit different compared to my other ones lately, I am wearing pants! I don't mind wearing jeans, but sometimes I have issues making them look girly enough for my preference. I think this outfit is a good balance of soft and hard (or edgy, or whatever you want to call it). Tim calls this my biker jacket, but I really love the drape, colour, and softness of it.

Danier dark grey asymmetrical leather jacket
Random black jeans from Winners
Booties from Spring (they have buttons + ruffles on the sides)
Knitted & Knotted tunic shirt (another catalog steal!)
Reitman's ivory, rose, and brass necklace

Without the jacket so you can see the side ruffles of the shirt. The shirt is bit overwhelming without the jacket, but I love the feeling of the knit and the detailing on it. Close up of the details and the brassy coloured thread running through it.


  1. Ha-ha! I remember that Pointelle Sweater from the Oct 2009 Catalog. I don't think the side ruffles are overwhelming. In fact they are the girli-ness you need to make the pant outfit feminine.

    Orange, Yellow and Turquoise are my 3 favorite colors.

    The blue Orla Kiely with the Abicus Flower Print is a storage box from, you guessed it, Target.

    I am so happy every time I see you look at the camera. I'll bet your Mom is too. I just taught my Mom how to view my blog. She doesn't really understand about why I show outfits. But she did enjoy my silly poem the other day. Blogging is so foreign to her generation. She's 71.

    I feed your fish everytime I visit. I notice you are Posting a lot more often.

    Anthro Sister Love, Laura

  2. That tunic is amazing! I love the ruffles down the sides. okay, you've sold me, I'm gonna go look through catalogs, lol :)


  3. Thank you Laura for feeding my fish, I was hoping someone would, it was too cute to not have there. I love that you know when the sweater is from :) It is great that you showed your mom how to look at your blog, very sweet.

    Hi Lori! haha I am more then happy to have convinced you to look there, I know you like good deals :D

  4. cute top, the ruffles work- they add some detail!!! and good to have a bit of 'biker' edge just to keep the guys in line!! lol...