Thursday, October 7, 2010

Repeat repeat

What is the repeat? My cardigan. I was getting dressed this morning, and realized that the blue in the cardigan was perfect for picking up the blue in the dress, so yes, I repeated something two days in a row, oh noes! I actually do not mind doing so, since I wouldn't do it if I was seeing the same people two days in a row. I am pretty sure you don't mind either, just makes things that more realistic.

Taking pieces and re-working them in any wardrobe is something that is not only practical, but fun as well. If I stuck to this though, I would never have to buy anything for a long time, which would actually be a good idea. I think to be able to do this though, I would have to have all the basic necessities covered, and then work from there. This thought is always floating around in the back of my head, but does anyone actually stick to it? I would like to try a shopping ban, but I think I would have difficulty with it.

Forever21 Love21 dress (can't find online)
Hue footless grey tights
Schuler & Sons sweater-cuffed booties
Forever21 drape front cardigan

After taking the pictures, I realize that the tights are not the best match for these booties. Between the two, I am looking a bit stumpy, and at 5'6", I am not really that short. Also, I should keep my legs straight, that would help too.

The dress has this great shape with apron pockets on sides, and ruffle plackets running down the shoulders. It zips up the front and comes with a fabric belt. I wish I could find it online, but it seems to be a lost cause. The weather is a bit too chilly out today so I threw the cardigan on top. The booties are from Anthropologie last fall/winter and have really cute touches on them. I love the oxford detailing on them, and the buckle across the front.

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  1. You're funny . The boots don't look bad with the tights actually. Your pose looks like you are turning back to see the doggie do doyou stepped in or something ;). Like all the dogs that do their business in OUR yard when we don't even have a dog!!
    Have a great day Jess:)