Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bad blogger bad...

First of, so very sorry for the disappearing act. I went to go visit family in Edmonton last week, and there was not much to post about from there, I wore repeat outfits since I knew they worked, and mostly spent time with my sister and nieces. I had a great time, and I am super biased to say so, but my nieces are the cutest ever! Thank you Diana for letting me come and visit.

This outfit is for you Laura, I have wore the dress multiple times since having it, but never at an opportunity that had a camera around. Sad news though, I dropped my camera on the kitchen floor this morning, and the zoom button no longer works. The zoom is not too bad of a feature to kick the bucket I suppose, it could have been worse. Perhaps a new camera for Christmas? Maybe one with a remote control?

Compeer Dress: Frock! by Tracy Reese
Forever21 drape cardigan
Hayden Harnett Zelda boots

I am totally in love with this dress, and the ability to dress it up and down. The cardigan was a steal at $7.50 CND, and flows really nicely. The downside is that the material is a bit thin, but I really can't complain about that. These boots are a fall/winter staple for me, and I love how I can turn up the cuff if I want more coverage on my legs, or leave it turned down. I wish I had been able to purchase them in the grey shade as well, but the brown goes best with most of my wardrobe.

I apologize if the picture is not the best, but I loved how the sun was coming through the fence, and all the fall colours on the ground. Fall is my favourite season by far. I think it is the combination of being able to wear lots of layers, lush fabrics, the smell of the air, and how pretty everything is. What is your favourite season and why?


  1. Jess is back!! welcome back... Love the outfit. I read somewhere that matching your shoes/boots with your hair color is called ' framing' so you have that effect down pat with these boots :)

    Did you shop galore at the Edmonton mall? I have NEVER been there.. is that lame? I dunno, not much of a mall shopper and havent been to Edmonton period so maybe thats not so bad.

    I do think a camera would be a great xmas present.. and a remote! yes! I have been looking for one for my camera. .think it would be fun to play around with so you dont have to focus on the wall or fence and then run into the picture and hope its in focus!! at least, thats what I do!!

    Hope the weather is still good there.. love this time of year and the colors are amazing!!

    anyway, you are looking cute as usual.. talk soon!! mwah j

  2. Hi Jess,

    I am so happy you are back. And with a very special Post. It's been driving me mad that I couldn't comment on your post all day. My employer blocks commenting.

    You look stunning in your Compeer Dress. Almost exactly like I pictured you would only better. And I am with Jodi. I think I have commented in the past how excellent the boots compliment (Frame) your RED hair.

    Sorry about your Camera. I broke my Olympus last month. It was a gift from my Co. I bought a little $60 Kodak on eBay. My friend Heidi gifted me a little bendy tripod. I don't know how I have gone so long without the tripod.

    Thank you for the beautifully photographed Compeer Dress Post.

    Anthro Sister Love, Laura

  3. Hi Jodi! have you been to Metrotown in Burnaby? It feels similar to west Edmonton mall, just a big mall. Not much shopping at all actually, just the blue cardigan, a dress, and a necklace, all from forever21, go figure. The Anthropologie there was a bit of a let down, a very very sad sale section.

    Hello Laura! I am glad you like the dress :D it is such a great dress for me, and now I want to search out more by Tracy Reese. I did find a cute navy blue on on the NM last call website, but no international shipping, and it would be best to save more money. Trying to save up for a wedding!

  4. Jess, i have the compeer too and i am loving this combo. I'm going to take a page out of your book and style mine in a similar fashion. Soon!!