Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lingering Rays

Oh what a busy weekend to the start of the week.  Lots of funny work schedules that are preventing me from taking pictures outdoors, and I am not sure of a good spot in the house yet.  No one wants pictures with baseboard heaters and the like, so the hunt continues!  Taking pictures inside is a bit more challenging for me, since the outdoors always has such great colours and backgrounds.

One of the best part of fall and winter for me is to be able to wear hats.  Hats are great when you are having a bad hair day, and can make you look polished with so very little effort.  I am always on the hunt for a great hat, anyone else?

Lingering Rays Skirt -anthro/ heathered olive cardigan- gap/ yellow cami - f21/ hat- The Bay (thanks rach!)/ necklace - jcrew

Look at how many leaves are falling! Love the colours.


  1. LOVE THAT HAT! Must have gotten it from someone with really great taste!

  2. Now thats a funky skirt.. really cool actually!! and luck you to be able to wear hats.. me on the other hand just look like a dufus in them!! I like the creative pic of your boots and the leaves too.. the boots look like a nice wine color... ohhh dont say wine.. makes me want to go drink some!! hah hah you can tell what kind of day I have had!!

    Do you have a good flash on your camera and can you change the settings? You could take the pics outside but adjust the light balance and ISO...

  3. As you well know I love hats too. I wish I had more. Oh and scarves. Love them with hats. In Bakersfield you will either get a funny look or a wonderful compliment while wearing a hat. I adore your skirt. You are radiating comfortable chic.


  4. Hi rach! Yes someone...I do not know who though :/

    Hi Jodi! haha you make me laugh :D Mmmm wine, but not red wine, white or rose for me only! I bet you don't look like a doofus :)

    Hi Laura! Aw thanks dear, ah yes, but I bet you only get the compliments, you always look so put together in your outfits!

  5. The boots are really great... love that chocolate brown colour.