Thursday, October 21, 2010

Short and Simple outfit of the day

Today is another day off, lunch with friends, poke around in some shops, do some housework, all in all will be a great day.  I think I have finally figured out that my go-to outfit is a dress, sweater or jacket, and boots.  The outfits are always very comfortable and I feel good in them.  Also, if it decides to rain, my feet always stay dry, which is a big plus for the lower mainland.

This photo was taken rather quickly, in fact,  I only was able to get two shots done.  My room-mate is home today, and I have yet to break the news to him that I run into the backyard and take numerous photos of myself on a fairly consistent basis.  One day he will know, if he ever finds this blog.  It might actually be a plus, since he is a very skilled photographer, but I find it hard enough to take photos by myself, let alone smile for other people on camera.

On an outfit related side bit, I really do enjoy the promotions that the Gap offers on Wednesdays.  The one near my work recently had 40% off of everything in the store, including sale items.  So if you look really hard, you can find some great deals.  (Not affiliated, just really like to share deals!)

Gap printed ruffle dress
Gap heathered olive green wool shawl cardigan
Jcrew scattered locket necklace
Corset belt (random mall shop)
Target over the knee socks (cream with gold flecks)
Hayden Harnett Brandy Madeleine boots


  1. I love your layers! The colors are beautiful together.

  2. Aw thanks Viktoria, I hope you are feeling better soon :/

    Thanks overcaffeinated! You are in Canada too right?

  3. cute dress. I didnt know Wednesdays was DEAL day at Gap.. I am so out of the loop with this kind of stuff! Well, I will have to look next week.

    I think you should have your roommate take your pics if he is a good photographer.. tell him its his chance to improve his portrait and model shoot skills. Not that your photos arent good but if someone else can do it its easier for you!!

    I know what you mean about cold.. Whats with this? Extreme brrrrrrrr

  4. hi jess. i just came by to see what was going on with you. it seems like we have a lot in common because i like 2nd and third cuts too!!! good luck, and happy hunting this fall.

  5. Hi Jess,

    OMG! I have been so busy with this crazy Reader's challenge. You know I love that double belt of yours. In fact I love it so much I found one somewhat like it on sale at Anthro. The Delphi Hippodrome Belt for $20. Except it's Navy and is stretch with 2 leather belt buckles.

    I really like Navy Blue and Green on you. It must be your fantastic red hair. The dress has a wide ruffle at the bottom that sets it apart. Love it.

    You inspired me to add red highlights to my hair. Check my latest post at the bottom to see. Although I am kinda far away. But you can tell my hair is more red.

    My next two Posts will still be blonde since they were taken last week. I will try to get a close up the next time I take photos.

    Stop by ACC and vote on my 5 Styles for the Yellow Cloud Dress. I like #5. I think you will too. That's the one with my new hair weave that includes Red.

    Vote for your Favorite Yellow Cloud Style

    Don't forget to use the Polling Gadget on the Right Side Bar. People are commenting on their favorite and forgetting to use the Gadget. No hurry. Polls close late Wednesday.


  6. Hi Jodi! Well we shall see about that lol, it is still strange to me, so maybe in the future? yes, the weather has certainly started to change now, time to pull out hats and coats!

    Hello and welcome Teej! Ahh the thrill of a good deal eh? :) Is that the windowpane dress in your picture? Love that dress!

    Hi Laura! Yes you have been a very busy bee in your little yellow dress :D I will for sure head on my way over there right after this ( know which I am voting for!) That belt you found sounds fantastic, love navy as an accessory.

  7. yes it is maam! $29.00! heehe