Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello baseboard heaters, aren't you just stylish! seems the normal rainy Vancouver weather has finally hit home, and I wan just getting used to the sunny and clear days.  I do like the rain, it's just not that conducive for picture taking, so for this week I am trying out different spots around the house.  Have no fears, the pictures are taken before I go outside, so no wet and dirty shoes on the carpet!

Plan for today are grocery shopping, laundry, and making Shepard's Pie for dinner tonight.  I have a whole bunch of baby turnips to use up, so I think I will include a layer of mashed turnips underneath the potatoes.  Never done before, but the combination seems like it would work well.  Oh, and served with pickled beets!  No one else in the house likes beets, do any of you?  I think they are highly underrated root vegetables.

Now for the title, baseboard heaters are making their appearance today.  Sleek and metallic, the perfect fall accessory.

Shawl collar sweater -BR outlet/ black skinnies - Winners/ Matiko Sudi cutoutboots/ Multi-chain necklace - F21/ Green feather headband- The bay 

 Hand goes swish!


  1. Love the blue sweater with your hair. They complement each other perfectly!

  2. love the photos and I LOVE Beets!! I have tons growing in the garden.. we even have several really good beet and quinoa salad. and oh boy pickled beets and good ol borsch.. yum!! bring on the purple stained hands and purple everything else.. ahem...

  3. thank you overcaffeinated :) It is one of my favourite sweaters, but it tends to pill a bit :(

    Thanks Jodi! Ohh I like quinoa, Do you have a recipe for that?

  4. Hi Jess,

    I love the Blue color of your sweater. Is there a color you don't look good in? Because I haven't seen one. I kinda like the indoor images. I can see your face much better.

    Sure wish I was at your house for dinner. Love Shepards Pie. Haven't had it in eons. You are quit the domestic Goddess.


  5. Hi Laura! Aww thanks *blush* Oh yes, pink/red, I do not wear pink/red shirts (except during the holidays at work), they just make me look like a flushed tomato. I cook for myself, so I like to try out recipes, then when I move in with fiance next year, I can cook for him all the time :)