Friday, October 29, 2010

Joy! It is Friday!

Yay! Friday! oh is my Sunday.  That is ok though, Halloween is this weekend, and we get to dress up at work on Sunday, and see all the cute kids in their costumes.  We do not get many trick or treaters at my house anymore, but apparently it is still going strong in other parts of the city.  This makes me happy, I hope when I have children I can take them trick or treating.

The shepard's pie I made last night turned out great.  I ended up not adding the turnips, instead I mixed a yam into the mashed potatoes on top and they were delicious.  It added a bit more texture to the potatoes, and also made them a really pale orange colour.  Pretty and tasty, if not a bit strange looking.
You must all be sick of this belt, but I find it just works for so many things, I would love to find something similar in black, grey, or cognac.  Anyone know of any leather (or fake) obi belts, under $30?
Gathered Alyssum dress- anthro/ Maru sash - Anthro/ cardigan & cami - F21/ green leggigns - Sirens/ Zelda boots (turned down for once!) &  Joey cuff - Hayden Harnett

Bonus pic!
Trail run for Halloween (for work!) I needed something that wouldn't interfere with work, and easy.  You can see the outline testing area etc.  I used just regular makeup for this, will pick up some Halloween makeup to be a bit bolder and cleaner
What are you all doing for Halloween, any costumes?


  1. OMG Jess,

    You look so cute. A Moose! I am from Maine. The Moose is our State animal. Is that your hair sticking up in the back, along with antlers? What are they made of? Where did you come up with this unique idea? And I like the regular make-up because it lets you show through. You don't need all that cheap gooey stuff on your face.

    I am alone all weekend and must man the door. My son is off to parts unknown. Usually he feeds the Trick or Treaters. I might throw a quick costume together from around the house. I have a funny Top Hat I usually wear and a huge Black Cauldron for treats.

    I love how you mixed so many colors into your OOTD. Yellow tank, Blue Cardi, Green Tights. Perfect with the print of the dress.

    I can't get over the Moose Face! Ha-ha! You shine girl!

    Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeenie, Laura

  2. What is plural for moose? Meese! Just kidding :) Those tufts are from the antlers and ears. It is a headband that I picked up from a local thrift store that goes crazy for Halloween with a bunch of new props etc. It was only $2.99! There is a makeup board/forum that I visit and someone posted a picture of someone from the previous year, it was too cute and simple to pass up. Thanks for the advice of the makeup, you are right, I would likely break out horribly afterwards :(

    I love handing out the candy! Wish it would happen more.

  3. hahahaha, you are a transgendered wild forest creature!!!

  4. Hey Jess!! I LOVE that belt.. and great outfit.. I really like it.. the tights and the boots, the colors overall.
    The dress bottom part is super cool too!!

    Thumbs up all around!!