Monday, February 28, 2011

Ootd: To Cape or not to Cape

I prefer to cape. Can you even use cape as a verb? Oh sure, why not. Before the rain washed away the snow, figured I may as well get in another chance to wear this.

 Do you wear capes? I don't see them too often, but love how comfy and cozy they are.

 Hayden Harnett Gwenievere wool cape

Jcrew factory Plum ruffled blouse, Gap Always Skinny jeans. Jcrew blue-grey cardigan, Hayden Harnett Madeleine boot, self-made necklace.

 That was melting snow falling on my shirt, I promise.

There goes the snow, should be the last until next winter.

Happy Monday all, time to cook dinner.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ootd: Snow day?!?!

Well, this explains why it was so nice and chilly yesterday, we were getting snow today!  There was nothing falling from the sky when I went to work, but this is what I came home to! 


I had to run outside and take pictures, picture taking is so much more fun when there is snow flying around.  Seriously! Fun!

Steadfast & Whimsy skirt, Ha'Penny Cardigan, Volante Tee - all Anthropologie....shame shame, walking billboard. This is when Tim would tell me to go change if we were in Seattle, just in case we went to an Anthro store, it would be a bit too much.  Oh yes! Target Kaiala boots too.

 Ok, well it was a little bit chilly, must stay wrapped up and warm.

 "Artsy" shot for fun.

And details of cardigan, I like the over-sized and dimpled collar, it reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on, but it makes me giggle still.

If you have snow today, happy snow day, lets have a fake snowball fight?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ootd: February Air

Do you know the singer Lights?  She is from Canada, and her "February Air" song is very applicable for today's weather. It is COLD, but so gorgeous outside.

I really like this singer, she is a bit youthful, but I find that the catchy and upbeat music is terrific for when I am going to work in the morning. It makes me feel more awake by the time I actually get to work.

It has finally stopped raining enough for the backyard to no longer be all muddy and no fun to poke around in.  Here comes spring, hopefully, after this very cold front.

 cream & pink dress - Urban Outfitters, Stitch-by-Stitch sweatercoat - Anthropologie, Gap tights, F21 belt, Pegabo khaki green otk boots

 The sweatercoat is a bit crazy cat lady-ish, but it is so warm and cozy, and was a great price when I picked it up during my last trip to Seattle.  Buttoned all the way up looks great too.

Detail shot of the dress fabric. You can see the actual sky colour in this photo, so nice outside!

Have a great Friday everyone :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Public Sales Announcement! Locale Shoes 50% off of boots.

For all you Canadian readers out there (sorry for the others!)  Locale Shoes, otherwise known as the store Feet First, is having a pretty decent sale right now.  All fall and winter boots are 50% off the lowest price right now.  Both online and in-store.  Check with your stores though first, mine had some that are sold out online now.

My picks are:
Pegabo Gramm boot in khaki or black.  Suede over-the-knee boot with a small heel.  Regular price $250, 
on sale for $49.99

Sekoia Louchen. Perfect for next winter, would look cute with jeans tucked in, or tights with dress/skirt. Regular $150, on sale for $44.99
Happy boot hunting!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ootd: well...

Of yesterday! No one wants to see me in my work clothes, so not awesome. 

I think this past weekend was one of the best ones I had had in a long time. When people would ask me how my weekend was, I would keep on bursting into a big grin. Between hanging out with most of my close friends, eating good food, getting outside, and just relaxing, it was really enjoyable. 

Since yesterday was the tamer day of the weekend, just simple pants and a top.

Shirt: Winners
Cami: F21
Citizen of Humanity skinnies: Anthropologie 
Kaiala boots: Target
Scattered locket necklace: Jcrew

 I love the buttons running down the front of this shirt.

Hope everyone had a nice Monday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ootd: Down by the bay

Ok, it is actually down by the waterfront...but I don't know any waterfront songs at this moment.  Today was a fantastic day off, full of tons of walking, great food, excellent company, and gorgeous weather.  See, I know Vancouver gets a hard time for being rainy so often, but when it is nice out, it is super nice out.  It was a bit chilly, so no outfit pictures without the coat.  I might be somewhat willing to be cold for pictures sake, but it was way too brisk out.

Down by Canada Place, just enjoying the sun and view. 
Purple hooded wool coat - Tulle
Kindred Spirits sweater dress - Sparrow 
Hayden Harnett Madeleine boots
Taupe belt - Forever21
Oatmeal cardigan - can't remember  

 We finally located the Japadog cart by Waterfront Station.  The all-beef hotdog has Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce, fried onions, and seaweed.  Strange at first, but the seaweed adds a nice bit of salty flavour.  Very tasty!

Bonus picture of my walking companion and photographer for the day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ootd: Channeling Charlie Brown

Today will be a good day.  Working this evening, then late night sushi with my friends, and Tim is up for the weekend.  Sushi and friends calls for something cheerful and fun.  Enter the brightest piece of clothing that I own.  Not only are you an orange sweater, you are an orange cashmere sweater, the very first piece (and I think only?) of cashmere that I own.  Soft, cuddly, fuzzy, instant love.

And yes, I totally feel like Charlie Brown in this outfit, without the dog sidekick, and balding head...

 Macchiato Jumper - anthropologie (worn underneath, I don't do this often, but I like the lace peeking out from the sweater)
Jcrew cashmere henley in persimmon (aka BRIGHT yellow orange)
Fairasile tights from F21
Target Kaiala boots

Detail shot

I hope to eat lots of sushi and side dishes tonight, yum!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Going outside your box...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to send some pictures my way! I am so thrilled to get some submissions, and more so to hear your reasoning behind what you chose.  I really appreciate the responses.

First up we have Laura from Anthro Closet Chaos. Laura is a great anthro blogger and I love interacting with her.  Laura's submission is a black and white outfit, which is completely different from wearing at least one bright colours. I love how she looks in this outfit, so simple, yet makes a great statement. Also, check out the shoes! With zippers!

Next  up we have Kristin from Lovely Apidae. Kristin is a new reader ("wave" Hi!) and I was so thrilled to see her outfit.  Like me, Kristin has an adversion to red, loving it on others, but not so much on herself. Well, I think she looks adorable in her outfit, and I love how flattering the red is with her skintone, adorable!

And to round out the outfits, we have Jen from Vintageglammz. Jen is a lovely girl from Australia, and I love seeing her outfits and pcitues.  It makes me want to go to Australia ASAP and enjoy the beaches and beautiful scenery.  Jen's choice was wearing khaki colours.  It reminds her of her grunge days (did she really have those??? I can't imagine her in anything but girly and beautiful clothing).  Love the is oddly familiar.  Did you plan to match the background too Jen? Love it :)

Thank you so much for helping me with this girls, I had a lot of fun, and was so happy to have people answer my request!  Will definitely have to do something like this again :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone has had a great day so far, single or taken!  I spent today having lunch with my friend Rachael, were we both enjoyed having this:

LA Grill bacon/mushroom/cheddar burger

While I was wearing this after being reminded by Rachel Berry in Glee to wear it again:

Bird Dress -H&M, Ha'Penny Cardigan -Anthropologie, random tights, Maru Sash -Anthropologie, Hayden Harnett Madeleine boots

All in the details:

Reader Submissions coming up next! Need to start dinner first, chili night I think...

Last call for picture submissions!

Last call for picture submissions! Thank you so much to everyone that has sent one my way, I am so happy to get some!  Will be posting later today after errands etc. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little bit country, little bit rock and...(a small challenge at the end)

Cheap! That would be my outfit of course. Ohhh a pink and red shirt! Well more burgundy then red.  Not normally a colour I reach for, but I wanted to try outside my normal choices.  I don't have a picture of the back, but it has little buttons going halfway up the back, great little detail.

 Citizen of Humanity slate invader skinnies (anthropologie) - $9.99, Target Kaiala boots - $19.99, Bluenotes floral buttonup - $5.00, necklace - gift
I took this picture with the flash, the quality isn't the best, but you can see my little nubbin of a ponytail going on.  It is getting to the point where I now either cut it off, or grow it out.  I feel like long hair would be a nice change again.

Close up of the "rocking" part of my outfit.

What colour do you not reach for very often? Pinks and reds for me.

If you feel so inclined, reach out to me and submit a photo of you "reaching" outside of your normal box, be it colour, patterns, article of clothing.  Send a picture and explanation by Feb. 14th and I will include it for the 15th.  Email me at whatjesslikes(at)live(dot)ca

I am excited to see what you go for!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ootd: a day late, a windy day at that.

Spent yesterday poking around Seattle while most of the city was watching the superbowl.  I enjoyed the lesser amounts of traffic and fewer people being all over the place.  We explored University Village and then went into Bellevue for some Korean BBQ.  It was delicious!  We also had a quick stop over on Mercer Island to check out the floating bridge up close and personal.  

When you first walk onto it, it was really high up, very shaky, and slightly scary.  Here we are, trying to not stand too close to the edge of the railing.  Every time a big truck went by, the bridge SHAKES.

 Tim and I trying to take a picture of ourselves, where are the elastic arms when you want them...crazy wind hair, loved it though.

What I wore during our excursion, a rather last minute outfit as I wanted to wear my new dress, but only had travel clothes with me.
Macchiato Jumper- Anthropologie (picked up for a song), Gap cardigan, same old boots (I traveled light, only brought boots!)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ootd: well of yesterday!

Ahh what a busy but fun weekend so far!  Spent Friday filling out forms and putting together a paperwork package.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us, I will let people know what is going on once we get some updates.  Saturday we went with a lovely realtor to check out 11 different houses in the Bellevue/Redmond/Kirkland area.  Wow, I was impressed by quite a few, but some were on the ehh side.  I am flabbergasted by what you can get in those areas for such a low price compared to the Greater Vancouver area, it is crazy!  

Tim had an event at his old school with some networking, so while he did that, I went around downtown Seattle to check out some shops and kill time.  Of course, if you know me, you know where I ended up...

Weirdo face going on, not good at this mirror taking, oops!

Wearing: Made-to-measure skirt (anthro), short-sleeved sweater from Winners, Hayden Harnett Madeleine boots in Brandy.
Found a few goodies at the store, one had a really small flaw, so they gave me 20% off both of the pieces I chose.  I was very impressed with the service that day.  Tried on the field skirt in yellow, but I already have a yellow skirt. That taupe jacket by Tabitha, was very cute, but I wasn't sold for some reason yet, if we go to University Village today, I might consider it.  Spliced Ikat shift, was cute but a bit clingy on my hips.  The other two items, well you can clearly see one, and the other is behind me.  Both were on second cut + 20% off? I was sold.

Ended the day with going to Facing East Taiwanese restaurant in Bellevue.  So good, I always enjoy what we have there.
 3Cup Chicken, lots of ginger and garlic, very tasty sauce
 Stir-fried Green Beans.  Onion, garlic, delicious, we ate them all...
Pork Fried Rice, mmmm eggy and tasty, not all stuck together in clumps.

Not sure of the plans today, but perhaps Korean BBQ?  We aren't superbowl people, so maybe places will be really quiet today.  Happy Sunday everyone!