Monday, February 7, 2011

Ootd: a day late, a windy day at that.

Spent yesterday poking around Seattle while most of the city was watching the superbowl.  I enjoyed the lesser amounts of traffic and fewer people being all over the place.  We explored University Village and then went into Bellevue for some Korean BBQ.  It was delicious!  We also had a quick stop over on Mercer Island to check out the floating bridge up close and personal.  

When you first walk onto it, it was really high up, very shaky, and slightly scary.  Here we are, trying to not stand too close to the edge of the railing.  Every time a big truck went by, the bridge SHAKES.

 Tim and I trying to take a picture of ourselves, where are the elastic arms when you want them...crazy wind hair, loved it though.

What I wore during our excursion, a rather last minute outfit as I wanted to wear my new dress, but only had travel clothes with me.
Macchiato Jumper- Anthropologie (picked up for a song), Gap cardigan, same old boots (I traveled light, only brought boots!)

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