Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Jess Likes: 2011 in Review Part 2

Now for the second half of the year.

A new house in the Seattle area!

Anthropologie Orchard Grove Pullover

My wedding dress! BHLDN's Origami Pleated Dress in Ivory

1970's Marimekko Framed Fabric for the bedroom

Anthropologie's Beaded Foliage Shift from my mother-in-law

Anthropologie's Forested Blazer, picked up on Black Friday for a song.

Anthropologie's Tuberose Lace Skirt in orange. I missed out on the Horkelia Shift, but was thrilled to come across this.

In the later half of the year, my shopping was cut down significantly, but I am really thrilled with the results. Less things overall, but I know what I picked up I love, not just like.

Here's to 2012! I plan to use the same philosophy, shop less, only what I really love and fills a hole in my wardrobe. Do you have any New Year's goals related to your wardrobe?

Friday, December 30, 2011

What Jess Likes: 2011 in Review Part 1

Some of my favorite purchases from this year.

Esprit Asymmetrical Blazer

 BB Dakota Bostwick Coat

Joya & Vane Perfume Locket

Mackage Evita Blazer in Cognac

Forever21 Striped Knit Blazer

And one that didn't make it into any photos this year somehow?

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag Mini in Brown Croc
Comes with a long strap as well. It is the perfect size for work, so I guess that's why no pictures, no one needed to see what I wore to work.

There were a few other things of course, but I can start to see how my own personal style was coming together at the start of this year. I was in the process of saving for moving and my wedding, so I was being a bit more selective then the previous years.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Apothecary Skirt

This skirt from Anthropologie is one of my favorite items by the design group Parameter. They used to have an online shop along with Sine, but they closed it earlier this year. I was hoping to be able to order from them when I moved down here, since they didn't offer shipping to Canada, but oh well. I can still find their items at Anthropologie, as well as some of the department stores ( I don't recall which I saw them at? Maybe Macy's...).

Apothecary skirt - Anthropologie, short sleeved sweater - Nordstrom Rack, Wool drape cardigan - Gap, random tights, Suede Side-Ruched ankle boots - Locale (Canada).

Anyone have great plans for New Year's Eve? I imagine we are just going to chill at home and watch a movie, and I might make something fancy for dinner. Or maybe just beef noodle soup.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Tuberose Lace Skirt

Happy Winter Time Celebrations everyone! I hope you are all having a great time with family, friends, or even just taking a break from work and school. Our Christmas this year was very quiet and small, just Tim and I, but it was nice. It was our first Christmas as a married couple, and I think we both just enjoyed the calmness. Maybe next year we will take a trip to visit some family during the holidays? I am hoping California (or Hawaii would be fun hint hint).

 Tuberose Lace skirt - Anthropologie (christmas present!), Gingham shirt + tights- Old Navy, mustard camisole - Forever21, Scattered Locket Necklace - JCrew

 The pattern of the lace is just so pretty. The skirt weighs quite a bit, but it hangs and swings wonderfully.

 Evita Leather Blazer - Mackage, Dwell Studio Scarf - Anthropologie

Woven Oxfords - Ecote by Urban Outfitters

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Fremont Vintage Mall Find and a Thank You!

Just a quick outfit picture. I picked this dress (still had the original tags on!) up a couple of weekends ago at the Fremont Vintage Mall. Yes, it is a bit different, but I love it. 

I hemmed the dress by two inches, but I think it needs to go up a few more to just above the knee instead of at it. I am still deciding on whether or not to make it sleeveless, shorten them, etc. The are actually to my wrists, but banded with elastics. I like them at elbow length, so maybe just keep? Ah such hard decisions these days.

 You can't tell, but the bodice portion is all these fine pleats, it's pretty cool. The boatneck is trimmed in red piping.

 I'm not flashing, showing the tights detail!
Dress - Fremont Vintage Mall, belt - random mall store, boots - Hayden Harnett, tights - Kate Spade

Oh see that pretty strapless blush/grey dress? My attempt at trying to fit into the only one, size 0. I figured it was worth a shot. It wasn't.

Thank you to Jamie from Thrifty Threads for passing on the "Liebster Blog" award my way! It totally made me smile when I saw.

I need to go think up some under 200 follower blogs to pass it on to that haven't received it yet :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Lacey D'Armee Dress

Off for an errand running, date-night having day. Going to check out the new Mission Impossible movie at the IMAX, and some sort of soup for dinner? I am thinking ramen, Tim wants beef noodle. I secretly wouldn't mind either, so it will be win-win for me.

D'Armee Dress - Anthropologie, skinny peach glitter belt - Gap, burgundy lace shirt - Tulle, awesome dot-grid tights - Kate Spade (DSW clearance!), shoes - will be Sweater-Cuffed Booties - Anthropologie.

Getting to be crazy busy leading up to the holidays. Hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Winter Shorts

One attempt at wearing shorts in the winter. I was actually wearing jeans earlier, but found that this combination was warmer. Must be all the layering?

Yeah there are a lot of layers going on.

 Brushed Trouser Shorts - Anthropologie, tights - random, over the knee boots - Pegabo, cardigan - Gap, shirt - old Anthropologie, swing jacket - Old Navy

 Herringbone, love this pattern.

What was underneath. Please excuse the crazy hair going on, trying to grow out my hair and it is that super awkward-makes-me-want-to-chop-it-all-off stage.

Friday, December 9, 2011

LC by Lauren Conrad Tank + Sweater Review

I went for a long walk the other day and ended up by Kohl's. The last time I was in there, the LC by Lauren Conrad line caught my attention. The soft color palette and knitted fabrics looked cozy and very wearable, so I wanted to take a closer look in the future. I don't see a lot of mention of this line in my blogging circle but I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

I went with some maroon shorts to try on as a generic bottom, but grabbed the wrong size. So no details of the wrong-sized shorts, but they are a neat tone-on-tone pinstripe.

Crochet Cocoon Cardigan in Shark. Cozy and very soft. 
All the item I tried on seemed to either be a blend of cotton and rayon, or straight up cotton.
Thumbs up for no acrylic and polyester.

 Love the back detailing. On sale for $45.00 (reg. $60.00)

 Detail shot of the Embellished Tank in Wrought Iron. On sale for $35.00 (reg. $50.00).

Lace Top with a v-neck back with a ribbon/bow. This was my favorite combination. I can totally see pairing a dusty rose blazer with it, charcoal tights, layered gold and pearl necklace and boots.

 Detail shot, you can see the pinstripe in the shorts as well. Tank on sale for $30.80 (reg. $44.00)

 Shiny dots, cozy sweater. Foil Polka-Dot Sweater. The dots are on the front only. I wanted to try this on in a small, but only had a medium left. On sale for $30.00 (reg. $60.00)

 The dots reminded me of Anthropologie's Skewed Pullover, but slightly more subtle.

I was really hoping to find this two dresses to try on, but they were no where to be seen. Maybe next time!

Kohl's has a discount code right now until December 11th, 2011 offering another 20% off!

Use "BIGGESTSALE" at checkout.

No affiliation, just spreading the clothing and sale love.

Monday, December 5, 2011

What Jess Likes: Cuffed Tweed Shorts

It's the season for shopping for others, but in case you feel like picking something up for yourself, I found a fantastic deal at Kohl's.

On clearance for $8.00 from $40.00 in store, but limited sizes. 
The description online says they are brown, but to me they are a grey tweed with little cream flecks in the tweed. They are mid-rise, and have good leg coverage without being too short.

You can get a $5 off coupon by signing up through emails for sales alerts (took about a week for mine to come), and I also found an online coupon they scanned off my phone for 15% off. 

Grand total: $2.55.

Kohl's often seems to have great discounts, send you coupons, and free gift cards in the mail. I am not affiliated with them, but I recommend signing up for the perks. Who doesn't like free things?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Outfit of the Day: What a "P"Aine...

When I picked up this skirt, in my mind I came up with a bunch of outfits I could use it in. When trying at home, not so much. This was the best I could do at the moment, and I totally copied a look from a week or so ago. Time to get digging in those drawers and play dress up.

Aine skirt - Anthropologie, sweater + belt - Gap, tights - Target, boots - Seychelles "At Last" in tan

Do you have any ideas, or own this skirt? What would you pair it with?

Friday, December 2, 2011

What Jess Likes: Turning a Men's Shirt into a Girl's Article of Clothing.

A friend posted this video on her Facebook after she stumbled upon it, thought I would pass it along. Might be a smidgen risque if you are at work. Most likely not, but don't want anyone to get in trouble!

(, not affiliated) 

I have mixed feelings on this idea. While I love the first dress she creates (serious love), I am not sure how it would work on curvier and fuller figures. Makes me want to track down a rather large striped shirt and give it a try. Or it might just be my fondness for stripes going all crazy in directions...

Yes I think it is just the stripes.