Thursday, December 29, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Apothecary Skirt

This skirt from Anthropologie is one of my favorite items by the design group Parameter. They used to have an online shop along with Sine, but they closed it earlier this year. I was hoping to be able to order from them when I moved down here, since they didn't offer shipping to Canada, but oh well. I can still find their items at Anthropologie, as well as some of the department stores ( I don't recall which I saw them at? Maybe Macy's...).

Apothecary skirt - Anthropologie, short sleeved sweater - Nordstrom Rack, Wool drape cardigan - Gap, random tights, Suede Side-Ruched ankle boots - Locale (Canada).

Anyone have great plans for New Year's Eve? I imagine we are just going to chill at home and watch a movie, and I might make something fancy for dinner. Or maybe just beef noodle soup.

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